Saturday, October 26, 2013

Bleagh and bleep book review.

Earlier this year, Linna received her very first book by a Singaporean author. The book is called BLEAGH!, and it's one of Linna's favorites! The author, Leana Lyn Doray, just came out with the second book in this series and sent Linna a copy about a month ago. The new book is called BLEAGH and BLEEP!, and this time around BLEAGH brings his sister into the story.

The story is about BLEAGH returning home after his first successful day at school, and he's eager to share his new experiences with his mom. But, someone gets in his way…BLEEP, his baby sister. BLEAGH learns important values such as respect and independence, and the two siblings team up to become an unstoppable learning force.

This book is very cute, but both my husband and I think the first book in this series (BLEAGH!) is our favorite. There's something about the way this second book is written that's different than the first book. Both my husband and I tried to figure it out, and we both think the sentences are a bit long, and the author doesn't use punctuation marks like commas and periods all the time, so the sentences seem to run on. It's not bad, it's just a different writing style than we are used to. The story is still really cute, and Linna requests it often. Out of the entire story, Linna always focuses on the Mama Monster's green hair. So funny. We're thrilled to continue Linna's BLEAGH! book collection, and I can't wait until she one day realizes how cool it is to have a couple books by a Singaporean author that were signed just for her:)

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