Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Baby saigh #2 pregnancy: Weeks 11 and 12.

My friend Renee (Mama Bryce) and I at Mother's Day Brunch
at Prego in Singapore. Mama Bryce is 34 weeks in  this photo,
while Mama Saigh is 11 weeks.
11 Weeks Pregnant

Well, my boobs still hurt, I'm still tired, sooooooo thirsty, but my nausea has really lightened up. I'll get a wave of nausea every so often, but nothing bad at all any more. I am still getting up at least twice a night to pee, which is not helping me in the "rest" department. I started taking Unisom before bed at night (my doctor says it's "safe" for pregnant women, and I have pregnant friends who swear by it), and the first night that I took it I slept from 8:30 p.m. to 7 a.m. However, the second night that I took it, I had crazy dreams, was awake every couple hours, on top of having to pee every few hours. I think I'll start taking it every few nights, instead of every night.

We celebrated Mother's Day this weekend too with a beautiful brunch at Prego at the Swissotel in Singapore (very appropriate, huh?!). I did a couple "naughty" things at brunch over the weekend, like eat oysters, and enjoyed a few sips of Papa Saigh's Prosecco. Even the thought of drinking a glass of wine or champagne has made my stomach turn recently (I know, it's like a sign that the world is ending), but I wanted to enjoy a few sips on Mother's Day.

I have also been CRAVING oysters since finding out that we were going to have brunch at Prego. So, I'm satisfied with my indulgences. I was also craving this Minnesota hotdish that my mom makes, so I ran all around Singapore to find the ingredients to make it. The hotdish looks like cat "sick", but it is soooooooo good. I'll have some genetics testing done on May 21st (13 weeks pregnant), so please keep Baby Saigh in your thoughts!

12 Weeks Pregnant

My nausea came back a bit this week. It happens mostly in the morning, and still nothing awful. I can't believe how hungry I've been. Seriously, it's like I'm pregnant with twins! At this rate, I'll be 700 lbs. by the time I pop this baby out. I'm pretty sure this is due to my excess appetite, but I have acid reflux pretty bad. Taking TUMS keeps it at bay, but woof. Still super thirsty, so I'm drinking a lot of water. My boobs still hurt, and my nips look disgusting... So there's that (seeeeexy!). I wake up to pee like a half-dozen times at night, which isn't helping my sleep situation. The good thing is that I go to bed these days by 9pm, and wake up with Linna around 7am. I wonder if it would be weird if I started sleeping in a diaper so I could get a full 8 hours of sleep?! I got a pregnancy body-pillow this week too, because the body pillow from my pregnancy with Linna is in storage in MN. I purchased a LeachCo Snoogle maternity pillow in Singapore, and it's been a lifesaver. Linna calls it the "big C pillow" (haha, it does look like the letter "c"). I'm at that point in my pregnancy where people look at me, and I swear they must be thinking, "Is she pregnant, or did she really just let herself go?". My belly has definitely popped, but it's at that "Is she pregnant, or just fat?" stage. Almost into my second trimester! Can't believe the baby is already the size of a lime. We found out that our insurance won't cover the Harmony testing as I previously thought, so I'll just be doing the regular genetics testing on May 21st. Looks like we'll have to wait to find out the baby's gender... that is, if we DO decide to find out before the birth.