Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Little passports.

Linna, engaged with her first Little Passports package.
I've seen a few of my friends post photos of their kids' using the new Little Passports subscriptions on social media, and the idea really caught my attention. So, I decided to order a 3-month subscription to Little Passports for our 3.5-year-old daughter Linna. I'm always hesitant to purchase these types of things because, at this age, their attention span is so short. However, from the moment Linna opened her first Little Passports package, she was hooked! I sat down with her and went through all of the package's contents: An adorable suitcase with a "passport", large map of the world for her bedroom, passport stickers, suitcase stickers, and educational activities. We hung the large, bright, "kid-friendly" map on the wall in her room, and I showed her the color-coded continents. She, of course, was overly excited about the stickers. In an effort to detour her from simply sticking the stickers wherever she pleased (as she usually does), the two of us sat down and went through the passport's activities. Linna quickly became enthusiastic about all of the educational activities, which helped her learn each of the 7 continents in a mater of minutes.

To be completely honest, I ordered Little Passports to give Linna something to do on her own, giving me a little extra free time. However, I found that I enjoyed explaining and doing the activities WITH her and watching her learn! She carries her new Little Passports suitcase with the passport inside everywhere we go, and works on the activities even though they are already completed. The only thing I'd change about the first package we received, would be even MORE activities included in the passport book. Linna wanted to keep learning, even after all of her activities were completed. She loved all the matching, "find the continent's landmarks", counting, and searching activities that were included in her passport. I guess she has something to look forward to next month!