Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Pregnancy has made me dumb-er.

Linna (the "original" Minnesota Baby) is excited about
becoming a big sister in November.
If you've ever wondered whether or not "pregnancy brain" is a real pregnancy symptom, let me tell you straight from the pregnant lady's mouth... It is (although WebMD says Pregnancy Brain/Momnesia is NOT real). Let me start out by saying that I do NOT think that I am a stupid/dumb person, but if you know me at all then you know that even in my non-pregnant state, I tend to say/do things that wouldn't necessarily be classified as "intelligent". But hey, that's just me. Love it, or leave it. However, since finding out that I'm pregnant with Baby #2, my brain has honestly become mush. I don't know if it's the lack of sleep, pregnancy hormones, or something else, but I honestly sometimes find myself having "out of body" experiences. Like when I'm doing or saying something, it's as if I'm watching myself thinking, "oh my gosh, WTF is she doing right now?!". Examples...

1. When I was about six weeks pregnant, I took yogurt and milk out of the refrigerator for our 3-year-old's bedtime snack. Instead of pouring the milk in the glass, and putting the yogurt in the bowl, I put the yogurt in the bowl and poured the milk on top of it. Really?!

2. This was an actual conversation between me and Papa Saigh a couple weeks ago, while watching a movie at home...

Mama Saigh: "Is that the guy from Lost?" (Jorge Gargia)
Papa Saigh: "Yes."
Mama Saigh: "So, he's like an actor now?!"
Papa Saigh: "He was an actor when he was on Lost."

(Pause for 5 seconds...)

Papa Saigh: "Did you think Lost was a reality show?"
Mama Saigh: "Shit..."

When I was having that conversation with Papa Saigh, in my normal mind I knew that Lost was a TV drama series. But for some reason, at that moment I thought it was a reality show. And three seconds before I poured the milk on the yogurt, I remember thinking to myself, "Pour the milk in the glass". You see?! Pregnancy brain is a real thing! I don't remember having it with Linna, which is yet another reason why I'm convinced we're having a boy. I'm hoping my self-diagnosed "Pregnancy Brain" cures itself in the coming weeks, because I'm seriously concerned that I'm going to forget Linna at home one day while I go do a grocery run. Gahhhhhhhhhhh!

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