Monday, May 4, 2015

Baby Saigh #2's 10-week ultrasound scan.

(Baby Saigh #2 at 10.5 weeks. Ultrasound done at NUH Singapore with Dr. Chew.)

How funny is my doctor's play-by-play commentary?! I had my 10-week ultrasound done today, and Baby Saigh #2 is measuring right on track. I'll be 11 weeks this Thursday! I'll do a first trimester screening in two weeks, including the Harmony test. I'm feeling better this week too. I still have sore boobs, but I'm not as nauseous, and not as exhausted. Certain smells, however, really get to me lately. Things that used to smell delicious, now make me want to vom. Papa Saigh makes a very fragrant pasta, using olive oil, garlic, and hot peppers, but he's had to stop making it because the smell is just too much for me. These weird food aversions happened when I was pregnant with Linna too. I couldn't stand the smell of cooked chicken, or anything with red sauce (like lasagna). So crazy. 

Papa Saigh and I were shocked to see how much the baby actually looks like a baby now, instead of a blob or a tadpole. We also told Linna this weekend that she is going to be a big sister in November. I think she was becoming frustrated at all the "baby talk" that she was hearing behind her back, because her behavior started getting a little questionable. Three-year-olds aren't stupid, and she totally knows what's going on. Linna loves rubbing my belly now, and is always asking questions about her baby brother or sister. I'm loving it!

Now, I'm off to watch Baby Saigh #2 dance around in this ultrasound video for the hundredth time...