Monday, November 30, 2015

Cozey 7 for little ones.

We find some of the most innovative products on Kickstarter. Recently, I was introduced to an adorable new line of cozy, outdoor-wear for little ones. Cozey 7 is a line of high-performance outerwear for kids, designed by a grandmother in Colorado. Jill Winckler and her son Jake have teamed up to design a line of high-performance body suits, that can be worn over your kiddo's regular clothing. These suits give little ones added layers of warmth and protection from outdoor elements, and are super easy to slide on and off. We ordered a blue Cozey 7 for Linna, so she can run and play outside in Minnesota's unpredictable weather conditions, and we'll be able to hand this Cozey 7 down to Baby Jimmy.

Linna is used to playing outside every day in sunny Singapore, and we want her to do the same here in Minnesota (as much as we can, minus the freezing, cold, snowy days). Even during Minnesota's most chilly days, it's important to us to let our kids get outside to play, and get some vitamin D. Cozey 7s makes this possible, without weighing our kids down with bulky winter coats during the fall and springtime. Check out the Cozey 7's Kickstarter page, and consider contributing to their development plan. They have just over 2 days to reach their goal of raising $7,500.

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