Sunday, March 6, 2011

16 weeks.

Is Baby Saigh a boy or a girl? We still have to WAIT to find out:(

Papa Saigh and I went in for our 16-week prenatal check-up this week thinking we had an ultrasound scheduled, but we didn't. Now, we have to wait until March 25th to find out if Baby Saigh is a boy or a girl. People can tell us to be patient, but it is SO tough when you have shopping and decorating to do:) I've had a few people tell me to go to one of the 3D ultrasound places. For about $100, we can get right in for a 3D ultrasound and find out if our baby is a he or a she. However, we want to hold off on the 3D ultrasound until we're around 30 weeks, when the baby looks more like a baby. We can be patient!

I'm still feeling great! My energy level is back, sickness is gone, but I still find myself getting sleepy and worn out much more quickly then when I wasn't pregnant. I'm also sleeping like a ROCK! As of yet, I haven't had any issues in the sleep department. Getting comfortable can be a challenge because I'm used to sleeping on my tummy. But, I found that if I lay on my side with a pillow under one of my legs... I'm golden! We'll see how long this lasts. I'm also SO stuffed up lately. I read that this is just one of the many pregnancy symptoms moms-to-be experience, but I feel like I'm turning into a booger factory:) I constantly find myself saying, "Uhhhh, I think I'm getting a cold", but I don't feel sick... just stuffed up. Such a weird symptom!

I'm DYING to feel Baby Saigh move! Our doctor told us that between now and about 20 weeks, I should start to feel little movements in my belly. I was laying on the couch the other day and felt something brush up against my side, but I'm not sure if that was Baby, or gas:) It's hard to pinpoint something you've never felt before, but people tell me that I will just know!

Now that I've gotten better at eating a lot more veggies, my goal for this week is to get some exercise. Finding the motivation to get in a workout before I was pregnant was hard enough, so we'll see how I do now that I'm pregnant. I bought the Prenatal Yoga with Shiva Rea DVD. I hope that by having this DVD in my house , it will FORCE me to do at least one type of workout every day!

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  1. Totally did not know you were preggers!!! YAY you guys! How absolutely amazing!