Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Four days without my baby.

Linna hanging out with Auntie Paige.
In an attempt to get some things done around the house, pack, and get the house ready for showings (yes, we're selling), Linna spent some quality time with her aunties and grandparents this past weekend. This was also the last time some of these people would get to see Linna, before we leave for Singapore next month. My sister came home from Winona (she goes to college there) on Friday, so she could do an overnight with Linna. On Saturday, AJ drove Linna to Mankato so she could spend three days with her Grandma and Grandpa Saigh, and Auntie Lisa who flew in from New York. I stayed back so Linna wouldn't be "attached" to my hip, and they could get some real quality time together.

It's such a double-edged sword, being away from Linna. I know I need a break every now and then, but when I have the break, I miss her. The time away from Linna let's me refresh, and have a little "me" time, so I can be a better mom. But four days was tough. Really though. AJ was out of town for part of the time too, so I was all alone in a big "empty" house. I loved the peace and quiet, but it's so strange not waking up to the sound of Linna playing in her crib. I had so much extra time on my hands, I seriously had to ask myself, "what did I do before I had Linna?". I actually asked my husband this question, and his response was "you had a job". Oh that's right... my job... the place that paid me to do work. Those we're the days, right AJ? ;)

Playing dress-up in Mankato with Auntie Lisa.
Now my job is being a mom. It's an unpaid position, but I live for my job. However, we ALL (working parents or stay-at-home parents) need a little "vacation" now and then. Although it's hard being away from Linna, I'm realizing how much it benefits both Linna and I, when she spends time away from Mama. I truly believe that it takes a village to raise a child, and when we leave for Singapore, we leave our village behind. I will have no help, and no "breaks" unless we find a babysitter we can trust, and AJ will be working a lot. When family members offered to take Linna for a few days this past weekend, my heart sank into my stomach at the thought of the idea, but I knew I had to take advantage of this help.

I was almost in tears when I picked her up in Mankato on Tuesday. I missed her so much, and I swear she got bigger in four days! Her reaction when she saw me was priceless. She looked at me with so much happiness and excitement on her little face, and she literally stared at me smiling while saying "Mama", over and over again. Last night when we were home, she put her hands on my cheeks, looked into my eyes, and with a smile said "Mama, hi!", as if she was reaffirming that I was home with her. I am so thankful, and Linna is very lucky to have so many family members who love her like their own daughter. Grammy Pammy (AJ's mom) even got Linna a membership to the Children's Museum of Southern Minnesota, that we can use when we come home to visit! From the looks of all the pictures Auntie Lisa sent me of the time they spent there over the weekend, Linna is a big fan.

Coloring with Grammy Pammy (AKA MeMaw).

Thanks Mom, Dad, Auntie Paige, Pam, Marty, and Auntie Lisa for taking good care of our baby!

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