Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Learning the alphabet.

Well, we've been working with Linna almost every day on her ABCs, and she's starting to recognize more and more letters. For the most part, she knows A, B, C, F, I, K, L, O, and W (my favorite), but some days she simply wants to call all the letters "B". This is some video I took of Linna today while we were at the Hopkins Library (can you see now why I love this place). She was having a little snack while we were playing with the alphabet blocks. This video is a good example of what she normally does when we practice the ABCs... she gets a couple letters right, and then gets silly:)

I also found this Melissa & Doug Alphabet Soup Bath/Pool set at Lit'l Wizards in Worthington, MN while we were visiting last weekend. Linna loves playing with all of the letters, and it's a great way to make learning FUN! For under $15, it comes with all the letters, some plastic word cards (to practice spelling as they get older), and a water-friendly bag to store everything in. Pretty good deal if you ask me!

Playing with the letters in her new Melissa & Doug Alphabet
Soup Bath/Pool set.

ORIGINAL BLOG POST ON 1/14/13: I'm not going to lie. A couple weeks ago, I came across a YouTube video of a 16-month-old boy who knew all the letters in the alphabet by simply looking at them. Of course this is a very advanced child, but it got me thinking about starting ABC flash cards with Linna (now 17 months old). My husband and I downloaded an app (he actually found it) on our phones called "ABCs for Kids" (it's a free one)! Although she can't say all of the letters, she sure does give it her best. "W" is my favorite. Oh, and yes, that is yogurt all over her shirt...


  1. I can't find this app!!!!! Who is it by?

  2. Someone else told me the same thing. It's by Teachers Paradise dot com studios, it says. My husband and I have smart/android phones, so if you have the same, you should be ablebto find it. Let me know if you still can't find it and I'll try to look into it:)

  3. I have an iPhone and I can't find this app. It's too bad because I really want just a simple flash-card type app that says the letter names...Thanks though. Oh and I tried out the Hopkins library last weekend and my 22 month old played for almost 2 hours!!!! Great find!!

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