Friday, August 23, 2013


Trying Manneken Pis fries in Amsterdam
(known as Holland's best). Not that great:(
On our most recent trip back to Singapore, Linna and I flew from Minneapolis to Amsterdam, and enjoyed a 7.5 hour layover in the city. This layover was more than enough time to get through customs at Amsterdam's airport, hop on the train, and enjoy a few hours in the city. Our round-trip train ticket was about $8, and an easy (and stroller-accessible) 15-minute ride from the airport to Amsterdam's Central Station (just 3 stops). I totally recommend doing this if you ever have anything longer than a 4-hour layover in Amsterdam.

Linna slept most of the time that we were in the city, so I just walked around, sat at a coffee shop (no, I did not smoke pot), went to see the Anne Frank House, and just people-watched! Amsterdam is so beautiful, and I love all the old buildings, canals, boats, and relaxed atmosphere. It's so odd to walk by coffee shops, only to see people of all ages rolling a joint and smoking pot so freely in public. I was a bit concerned at one point, that my two-year-old was going to get a second-hand high from breathing the air around these shops. Maybe THAT'S why she slept such a long time in the stroller in Amsterdam;)

Even though Linna and I had to experience some unfortunate issues and frustrations with our Delta flight back to Singapore, this visit to Amsterdam during our layover was really relaxing. It made the flight back to Singapore much easier than our regular flight with a quick layover in Tokyo. It's nice to have a "break" in between flights, especially when you're traveling with a two-year-old. This is the second time Linna and I have gotten to experience a different country while traveling back and forth between Minneapolis and Singapore. Although we loved checking out Paris on our last flight from Singapore to Minneapolis, Amsterdam is a place I would love to return to with my husband. The people were so friendly and helpful, and made my "single mom" adventure very enjoyable!

Now, where should we visit next???

They're everywhere.

Passed out in Amsterdam. That's what you're supposed to do right?! ;)

Just a small portion of the line of people waiting
to get into the Anne Frank House. Really bummed
that we didn't get to go inside:(

Lunch with Linna. This bruschetta was amazing! I people-watched for a
good half-hour while Linna finished up her nap in the stroller.

Are YOU responsible for this graffiti?!

Linna on the streets of Amsterdam.

Outside Anne Frank's House in Amsterdam. This is where her family was hiding
out during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands. It's unbelievable that human beings
were ever made to live the way Anne Frank was forced to.

While Linna slept in the stroller, Mama Saigh enjoyed some
coffee and people-watching in Amsterdam at a coffee shop.


  1. That bruschetta looks amazing! I love her outfit in Amsterdam too. She looks like she fits right in!