Friday, August 16, 2013

Two-year pediatrician check-up.

Photo on the left is Linna at her 2-year check-up today. Can't believe she was
ever as small as she was at her 2-week check-up in the photo on the right.

Some quick "stats" from Linna's 2-year check-up with her pediatrician today...

Weight: 26 lbs. (55th percentile)
Height: 34.5 inches (77th percentile)
BMI (not sure if she's ever had this measured before): 15.93 Index (35th percentile)
Head: 18.75 inches (It's completely average AJ, so don't worry.)

It's so crazy that Linna has only gained 1 lb. since her 18-month check-up, but she's grown 3 inches! Her head size has stayed the same since her last pediatrician check-up too. She did get the flu vaccine (nose mist), but didn't need any other shots. Yay!

One concern I had when going into this appointment was the fact that Linna gets what we call a "wonky eye" when she's tired. One of her eyes (I haven't really pinpointed whether it's always the left or the right) literally drifts off and out of focus when she's sleepy. It's actually kind of creepy. Linna will like have a full-on conversation with you when she's tired with her "wonky eye", and you'll have no idea where's she's actually looking. Since this happens every day, her pediatrician wants us to have her vision looked at. We had her vision checked when she was an infant, because we were concerned about a "droopy" eyelid, but her vision was tested as "perfect". I'm really not THAT concerned, as I feel it's a "tired thing". However, we don't want there to be an actual issue that isn't dealt with now, resulting in vision problems later. We'll be scheduling an appointment with an Ophthalmologist when we get back to Singapore next week. Stay tuned!

Has anyone else ever dealt with this "wonk eye" at an early age?

Here's a "mild" version of the full-blown "wonk eye".

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