Saturday, August 24, 2013

Nabi puzzle genius.

For months now, Linna has been handing us her Nabi when the "puzzle game" pops up. She'll say, "Mama/Papa do it", and since we've always thought the puzzles were a bit too tough/advanced for her, we would help her with them (always showing her how to do it in the process). It's hard to see in this video, but these puzzle pieces are very odd shapes (not just simple shapes like triangles, squares, etc.), and she has to drag the pieces into the matching shape that each piece fits in. Tonight while we were having dinner at the hawker center down the street, Linna surprised us by doing one of the puzzles all by herself!

AJ and I were very impressed.

No, Linna doesn't play on her Nabi ALL the time, but it's a great tool to have when Mama and Papa Saigh are trying to have an "adult" conversation at dinner:) We are big fans of the Nabi!

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  1. We love our iPads for that same reason. Especially going out to dinner. Such a life saver.