Thursday, August 22, 2013

Turning travel photos into art.

Original photo.

Since moving to Singapore, our family has been incredibly lucky to travel to so many wonderful places around the world. A few months ago, we took a trip to Bintan Island in Indonesia, where all three of us had our first up-close encounter with elephants! I don't think I've ever taken a really close look at an elephant's tail before, so when I saw what they actually looked like during our trip to Indonesia, I had to snap a photo of one up-close. I love the contrast of the colors and textures in the photo, so I had the photo blown up into a large canvas piece to hang in our home.

I had Brilliant Prints in Singapore turn the photo into a 60X60 cm. canvas, and the result is incredibly gorgeous! Art in Singapore is generally very expensive, so for about $200 we now have a piece of art, designed and created by us, and with our own memories behind it, hanging in our dining room. Because our walls are cement, we can't really drill holes into the wall, so I bought a few Damage-Free Wall Hooks to hang the canvas. The piece really brightens up our small dining room, and adds color to our very white walls. Now, we just need to pick a color to paint one of the walls. Any recommendations?

I will absolutely work with Brilliant Prints again in the future, as they handled our order in a very timely manner, and delivered our piece to our home in about a week. Turning family photos into canvas wall-art is a great way to display the photos in something other than frames, while adding life and color to your walls. I'm excited to one day hang this piece in our future home back in Minnesota, so we will always remember our experience living half-way around the world!

The photo turned into a wall canvas.
Hanging in the dining room. What color
should we paint the accent wall behind the canvas?

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