Monday, June 17, 2013

Linna's first book by a singaporean author.

A couple weeks ago, local Singaporean author Leana Lyn Doray sent Linna a copy of her new book "BLEAGH!" to review. When Linna opened the package to find the colorful, paperback book, she said, "WOW!". To be fair, Linna says that anytime she opens a "present", but she immediately dived into this book, flipping through pages, and looking at all the colorful illustrations. AJ actually read BLEAGH! to Linna for the first time, and the story actually kept her attention for the entire read. However, there's one illustration in the book where BLEAGH looks a little scary (he makes a scary monster face), and Linna gets a little worked up.

BLEAGH! is a book about values, and is the first book in Leana's six-title series. In this book, BLEAGH attends his first day of school. Like the other students in his class, BLEAGH is cheeky and fun, but there’s one big difference between BLEAGH and the other children….BLEAGH is a monster. It's a story about being able to learn important values and make new friends.

(Linna checking out BLEAGH!)

This is a very cute read, and it's one of the first books Linna grabs out of her collection when it's story time! She'll bring us the book randomly too, saying "BLEAGH!". It's hard to give Linna paperback books to read on her own, however, for fear that she will rip the pages. This is our first children's book by a local Singaporean author, so this will stay in Linna's collection forever... as long as she's kind to the pages:)

Cost: S12 (plus GST)
Order online
Available at Kinokuniya and Times bookstores in Singapore
Available as an eBook on Amazon

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