Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Baby saigh #2 pregnancy: 34 & 35 weeks.

35 weeks and 6 days. Don't mind the clutter in the background.
Our upstairs construction project is almost done:)
Well, after almost a month of coughing, adult-diaper wearing, and little sleep, I'm finally starting to feel better. I actually went back into urgent care last week, because I was still feeling completely run down, and my cough was just as bad. I was put on a round of antibiotics, and while it hasn't completely cleared up my cough, I am feeling more human. My doctor has basically told me that I'll have this cough until the baby is born, because my lungs can't expand down to clear with the baby taking up all the room that it is. Awesome. While I'm thankful that I am feeling better, this "sickness" (whatever it is) has me looking forward to this baby's birth. It's been so hard to enjoy my pregnancy while feeling incredibly run-down, and not having control over what used to be basic bodily functions.

It's sad in a way.

While I used to want to have at least three kids, right now, I can't imagine ever wanting to be pregnant again. I am so thankful for this baby, but I am so excited to get it out of my belly. He or she has outgrown its current home, as I feel like the baby is already standing on my hip bones while digging other body parts into my upper ribs. Some of these movements seriously take my breath away. I often feel like the baby's fingers or toes are coming out of my va-jay-jay, and other times I have so much pressure in my nether-regions that I feel like the baby is just going to fall out. I'm still carrying pretty high, so I don't think the baby has "dropped" yet. It's hard to tell right now whether or not this baby will come early like his or her sister (Linna was 2 weeks early), or wait until it's Thanksgiving Day due-date (November 26th).

I've been having irregular Braxton Hicks contractions, where my belly becomes incredibly tight. My belly button has pretty much flattened out, but hasn't "popped" out yet. Three people in the last couple days have said that my belly has "popped" a lot more this past week. I don't know how I can get any bigger. My acid reflux is giving me a rough time too, especially at night. I actually had to get up to vomit in the middle of the night earlier this week. Fun, huh?! Between the nightly acid reflux episodes, the 4-year-old sleeping in our bed, and the baby's crazy movements, sleep has been hard to come by... Which has turned me into a super patient and easy-going mama (insert sarcasm). Dealing with our emotional and drama-filled daughter hasn't been easy for me these last few weeks. There's been plenty of days where I've wanted to throw in the towel, which is why I'm thinking that two kids will be the max that this mama can handle.

Super sweet moment this week. Linna got to meet our friends' newest baby (Reid Bell)
on 10/28/15, and she loved every minute of it. She was upset when she had to give the baby
back to Mama Bell so she could feed him. Linna is going to be such a wonderful big sister!

I'm excited to regain ownership of my body. Call me ungrateful, but I'm just ready to get this baby OUT! People always tell me how much I'll miss my "bump" once the baby is born, but I'm just not thinking that way right now. I've forgotten what it's like for my hips not to hurt, and what it feels like to NOT have a bowling ball falling out my my crotch while chasing around a 4-year-old. I'm desperate to feel "normal" again. I'm SO looking forward to spending two days in the hospital after this baby is born... Just me and the baby. We've had so much going on with the new house, Papa Saigh away in Singapore for 2 months, and our crazy-busy schedules, that it will be nice to "regroup" and bond with the new baby... ALONE. I've already told Papa Saigh that my hospital stay will be a little vacation for me, while he hangs out with our 4-year-old. How funny/sad is it that I'm actually considering a hospital stay with a newborn, a vacation?!

I have my 36-week check-up with my OBGYN tomorrow, where I'll have my first vag exam and a Group B streptococcus screening. I'm looking forward to see if I'm dilated at all, and if the baby has dropped. On Saturday, we'll be touring a hospital/birthing center closer to our new house. Nothing like waiting until the last minute to figure out where we want to have this baby. He or she is already about 6 lbs.! We're in the final home-stretch now!

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