Thursday, October 8, 2015

Baby saigh #2 pregnancy: 32 weeks.

No make-up, painting clothes, and a quick powder room selfie
in the new house, with my photo-bombing 4-year-old.
I really hate to admit this, but it was very difficult to enjoy my pregnancy this week. Not only am I super uncomfortable, but we moved into our new house this week (while Papa Saigh is still in Singapore), and Linna (the 4-year-old) has really been testing my patience. While I am so incredibly thankful to FINALLY be in our OWN home and out of my parents' basement, there is SO much unpacking, painting, etc., that needs to be done. My in-laws and my mom have been incredibly helpful this week, moving boxes, helping me clean, organize, etc. I would be lost if it weren't for them. When we first moved in on Friday, I wanted everything to get started (and finished) right away. So, my 32-week pregnant self was moving boxes, taping and painting, etc., until I finally had to listen to everyone who was telling me to take it easy. My body was absolutely exhausted and sore, on top of being mentally exhausted from dealing with our emotional and sassy 4-year-old. I'm pretty sure Linna is beyond ready for her Papa to get back home from Singapore, and she's been sensing my stress level, because she and I have been at each others' throats. I'm really trying to watch my patience level with her, because it's unfair to be freaking out on her when she's probably just as stressed out as I am. We both can't wait to have Papa Saigh back home this weekend, as I am NOT cut out for doing the whole "single mom" thing.

I am so SO happy to finally have a bathtub again, to soak my big belly in. I soak in our huge tub every night when Linna goes to bed. All that's missing is my beloved wine. Soon enough! Plus, our California king-size bed has plenty of room for me, "the bump", and Linna, until we get Linna's bed set up this weekend. I completely forgot how comfortable our bed is, so it's wonderful to be back in our "cloud", after it being in storage for the past three years. I also pulled my materinity pillow out of storage, which I can coil up and place my belly into, so I can lay on my stomach. My hips and lower back have been KILLING me from only being able to sleep on them.

The baby has been moving around a lot this week, and seems to be responding to my voice a lot more. I talk to the baby when I take a bath, and when I say, "Hi my baby. It's your Mama!", the baby gives me a jab or a punch. Incredibly, my acid reflux seems to be getting better too. I don't know why, but it hasn't been as awful as it was in previous weeks. My belly button is starting to flatten out, which makes me realize how close to the end of this pregnancy I'm getting. My stretch marks are also in full-effect, but no sign of the Linea Nigra line I had when I was pregnant with Linna. Oh, and I'm pretty sure it's the dry air in Minnesota, but Linna and I developed coughs this week, so we've been sleeping with the humidifier on, which seems to help. I never thought I'd miss Singapore's humidity!

This week, Linna also had her first "protective big sister"/jealousy moment. My sister Paige had her hand on my belly, as she was feeling the baby move, and Linna quickly walked over, and took Paige's hand off my belly. While I thought it was cute that Linna was concerned with who was touching her baby brother or sister, I let her know that she's going to have to get used to people wanting to touch and hold the baby. I told her that I was happy she was such a protctive big sister, but that we need to let other people pay attention to the baby too. I'm sure this is JUST the beginning.

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