Thursday, October 1, 2015

Baby saigh #2 pregnancy: Weeks 30 & 31.

A gender neutral outfit that Linna and I picked out at Old Navy for Baby Saigh #2.
30 Weeks Pregnant

Overall, this week has been a great one.

I've actually been getting some sound sleep, and haven't been as exhausted. However, the baby's adorable kicks, punches, and flips, have now turned into full-on elbows and other pointy body parts, jabbing into my stomach. Sometimes I feel a back, or a little butt pressing up against my belly during my semi-often Braxron Hicks contractions.

This baby has very "spastic" movements, and I actually asked my doctor if the baby might be having seizures or something. He said that's probably not the case, and that every pregnancy is different. I might just be feeling the baby's movements a bit more than I did when I was pregnant with Linna.

I'm noticing that I have to pee a lot more these days too.

I'm up at least twice during the night, and am running to the bathroom to pee all day. I do remember having to pee even MORE than this when I was pregnant with Linna though.

31 Weeks Pregnant

Holy "take my breath away" baby movements! I do not remember having these types of feelings at this point in my pregnancy with Linna, but this baby is kicking, punching, rolling and shaking REALLY low. It's to the point now where I have to stop and take a deep breath during these sharp movements. I feel like this kid is going to pop the bag of water it's floating in. It's unreal. I also have to pee a LOT, and the baby's movements are just making my trips to the potty more frequent. When he or she moves or kicks me, I sometimes feel like I'm going to pee my pants.

31 weeks pregnant with Baby Saigh #2.
I am so excited to finally be in our new house this Friday, and to be able to go through all of the baby stuff we've had in storage. We'll be using Linna's nursery furniture for this baby, and I'm excited to get the kids' rooms all set up. Since we don't know what we're having, the baby's nursery will be pretty basic and gender neutral. Sleeping has taken a turn for the worse this week, as I'm getting up like 3 times each night to pee, and the baby is really active at night.

Even my maternity clothes feel tight these days, and I'm getting more uncomfortable as the days go on. Every night after 8 p.m., my acid reflux is out of control. It is worse if I eat later at night, but it's still bad if I just drink water. I've now upped my Ranitidine intake to 150 mg, 3 times a day (doctor advised). Yes, it's that bad.

I'm so not ready to have this baby yet, but I think I'll be happy once she or he arrives, and I can take control of my body again. I know that I will miss being pregnant, but I'm in a pretty uncomfortable place right now. While Linna is generally a great kiddo, she has been acting up lately, and I'm beyond ready to end this solo-parenting situation. Papa Saigh gets back from Singapore on October 10th, and I can't explain how excited I am to have our family back together. I think Linna is really missing her dad too, as she's getting noticably bored with me. I'm looking forward to welcoming home my partner in crime, and share all the "joys" of parenting a 4-year-old who is currently an only child.

I have a doctor appointment today, and will now have appointments every 2 weeks until I'm 36 weeks... I think. I'm excited to find out which way the baby is positioned, if I'm dilated, etc. I'm still thinking this baby is going to come early, and I'm leaning toward the baby being a girl. But really, who knows?! For now, I'm just happy to let this baby continue growing in my belly, move into our new house, and get Papa Saigh back in the States!

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