Friday, October 16, 2015

GIVEAWAY: New humpback whales show at the science museum of minnesota.

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Man, we haven't been to the Science Museum of Minnesota in such a long time. Now that we're back from Singapore (for GOOD!), we'll be making some regular visits. Yesterday, the 4-year-old and I made the trek from Victoria to St. Paul, to see the Omni Theater's brand new showing of Humpback Whales at the Science Museum. It was the first day of the MEA holiday weekend, so I was a little worried about how crowded the Science Museum would be, but other than parking it wasn't the chaotic place I was expecting.

4-year-old Linna learning about infants' vision.

Hands-on activity with a staff member of the Science Museum.

Just putting together some cells.

To my surprise, Linna sat through almost the entire showing of Humpback Whales. It was such a beautiful and educational show, and Linna asked questions throughout. "Why is the baby whale always by his Mama?", "Do the humpback whales eat those fish?", etc. She was full of excellent questions. The film showcased the world's largest mammals on their 10,000 mile annual migration. These animals were on the brink of extinction, and the film shows how people stepped in to save the world's population of humpback whales. We watched as humpback whales work together to trap and eat fish, how their mating act possibly happens (no one has ever witnessed the actual act of humpback whales mating), and how people work to rescue humpback whales from becoming entangled in fishers' nets. Although some parts of the film were pretty loud (tails splashing about in the water), Linna sat calmly through (almost) the entire film. It was such an incredible, up-close look at these amazing animals.

She loved the sound-effects of the sink set-up. Maybe now she'll do dishes at home:)

After the film, we went to check out the new Sherlock Holmes exhibit, and the rest of the Science Museum. Although I saw a lot of older kids enjoying the Sherlock Holmes exhibit, my 4-year-old wasn't very interested. It's a pretty dimly-lit, interactive exhibit, presented chapter by chapter, that makes visitors rely on their powers of observation and deductive reasoning. You can work by yourself, or as a team to figure out whodunit. We bumped into my friend and former co-worker, Emily Engberg, of Twin Cities Live during our visit, and watched her have some fun with a few of the older visitors in the new Sherlock Holmes exhibit. People really seemed to be enjoying it.

Linna and Em from Twin Cities Live.

Linna loved the hands-on activities in the Dinosaur & Fossils, and Math, Physics & Engineering exhibits on level 3. The live demonstrations were also very lively and educational. What I love most about the Science Museum is that it's very hands-on for kids. Parents/caregivers can sit back and relax while their kids independently explore, or take an active interest in what their kids are learning about. We can't wait until our next visit!


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