Sunday, July 15, 2012

Spoiled milk.

Mama and Linna at a pit-stop on
the way to Iowa.
As of this coming Wednesday, this mama is giving up on the pump (breast pump that is). I'm not sure if I'll have enough breast milk to get Linna to one year, but oh well:) Cow's milk may need to start a few days shy of the little bug turning one year, and here's why...

This weekend we were in Iowa, and I brought one frozen bag of breast milk (about 8 oz.), along with about 12 oz. of pumped breast milk in bottles. On Friday night, I was getting ready to feed Linna her bed-time bottle, and she wouldn't drink it. So of course, I tasted it (so gross, right?!). The milk had an awful taste (kind of like how baby spit-up smells). My mother-in-law said she thought the milk "stunk". I was so bummed. A. because I gave my 11-month-old spoiled milk, and B. because I had to throw away 8 oz. of breast milk.

I didn't think I was going to have enough breast milk to make it through the weekend. And since I don't want Linna to have to go from breast milk, to formula, to regular whole milk (too many transitions too quickly), I started getting myself "ready" for Linna's transition to whole milk. I definitely don't produce enough milk right now to feed her breast milk until a year (I'm only pumping once a day because I'm weaning myself off the pump). For me, Linna starting on whole milk is just another step toward toddler-hood. She's not an infant anymore, and for me it's a very emotional transition. I love watching Linna get bigger and bigger, and smarter and smarter every day! But part part of me wants to keep her little forever.

Never in a million years would I have ever imagined I'd get upset of a bag of frozen breast milk going bad. I guess that's what motherhood does to a person. Hopefully Linna likes cow's milk, because starting Wednesday, I'm done pumping!

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