Monday, November 19, 2012

15 months.

We're still waiting for our 22-pound 15-month-old to become a full-time walker, but she's slowly getting there. Linna will take at least 10 steps at a time when walking from person to person, but crawling is still her preferred mode of transportation. We're still adjusting to life back in Minnesota, where we don't have a pool right outside our front door, and we actually have to wear boots and coats. Linna is working on getting over a nasty cold, but has finally "recovered" from her jet-lag. She's back to two naps a day, each lasting about an hour and a half, and sleeping from 7:30 p.m. to 7:30 a.m. I'm so thankful she's finally waking up happy again, instead of crying.

I can't believe we have a toddler!

Fall in Minnesota.

Linna's vocabulary is quickly expanding too. She can say "hi", "bye", "Papa", "Mama", "Bompa" (grandpa), "Nana" (grandma), "ball", "block", "owl", "no", "yes", "please" (sounds like "tease"), "up", "pack" (her fruit/veggie puree packs), "John" (Uncle John), "Elmo", and "Linna". If you ask her to say a word that she can't quite say, she will at least try to say it (i.e. "apple" is "ah" according to Linna). If you ask her what a puppy, kitty, duck, cow, or lion says, she'll tell you! Linna loves stacking blocks and can build a pretty tall tower all by herself. She's really into taking things apart, off shelves, and emptying bags/purses/wallets. She loves taking things out of compartments (i.e. credit cards out of wallets), and handing them to people. Linna has figured out how to screw and unscrew caps on bottles too. Such a smart cookie!

She's basically eating anything and everything. She doesn't have much of an appetite right now because of her cold. Linna starts her day out with a pretty big breakfast, which usually consists of yogurt, banana, and granola, and either a piece of peanut butter toast, or a scrambled egg. She discovered ketchup the other day at a restaurant, and loves to dip french fries in it (yikes!). She drinks whole milk from her sippy cup with some meals, and at bedtime. I think she averages about 8 oz. a day, otherwise she drinks water mixed with a little orange juice.


Waiting for the doctor... in a basket. She LOVES climbing into baskets.

Linna is all about dancing to music, playing the drums, and loves the show "Super Why". She always wants to be outside and in a swing! We're dealing with her molars right now, and they have been quite a pain. One is already through her little gums, but we're still waiting for the second to sprout through. Her little gums were so swollen for the last month that we were in Singapore:( We are so excited for Linna to be able to play in the snow this winter, and are looking forward to watching her open Christmas presents this year! We'll be heading to Iowa to see AJ's side of the family for Thanksgiving, so it will be nice to have Linna play with all of her little cousins that she doesn't see every day. So much to look forward to, and we are having a blast watching out little bug enjoy life!

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