Friday, November 16, 2012

What a mom can do with a fedex box.

Before we left Singapore, I gave my friend Steph (mom of two) a FedEx box that we used to have our belongings shipped from Minnesota. We didn't have as much stuff to send back to Minnesota, so she said she wanted to turn the FedEx box into a little house for her children, Max and Lottie. I thought she would cut some squares into box to make windows, and POSSIBLY make a little cardboard door, but I never thought she would take "cardboard house-making" to the extreme. She did...

I gave Steph the box that Linna is standing in.
She put paper mache on the FedEx box.

The final product. A French cafe just for Max and Lottie.

I do believe this mom deserves the title of "Mom of the Year"... at least for the day;)