Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Throwing everything out of her crib.

Why do they do this?!

I caught Linna on the video monitor this morning throwing EVERY ITEM (pacifier, blanket, stuffed animals, etc.) out of her crib while she was supposed to be napping. She's never done this before! She even managed to throw out a hard-cover book that weighs at least five pounds! I went into her room once after she did it, because I didn't think she'd sleep without her pacifier. I told her not to throw he stuff out of her crib, laid her back down, and walked out. Five minutes later, I caught her doing it AGAIN. Needless to say, this nap was over before it even began.

Maybe this is her way of telling me there's too much "crap" in her crib. I have heard that it isn't safe to have too much in their crib;)

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