Thursday, November 22, 2012

My kid has squeaky shoes.

Yes, I'm eating my words. About a month ago, I blogged about children wearing squeaky shoes and how annoying I think they are. I wrote about them after I saw a little girl wearing them in the MRT in Singapore and thought to myself, "Who in their right mind would ever put their kid in those things?!".

Well, this morning, I was getting Linna dressed in this adorable little outfit that my Aunt Jenny and Uncle John gave to Linna when she was born. I have been dying to put her in it for the last 15 months, and FINALLY it fits. As I was putting the shoes on her, Linna stood up in them and all I heard was "SQUEAK". OMG... my kid has the same squeaky shoes I had just written about my annoyance for.

Although I still think squeaky shoes are one of the most annoying inventions ever, I must admit that they're pretty cute on my kid... said every mom ever;)

Thanks John, Jen, Maris, and Charlie for Linna's Thanksgiving outfit!

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