Sunday, November 4, 2012

Family-friendly sunday brunch at one-ninety.

The Benedict.

Last Sunday, AJ, Linna and I decided to spend a quality afternoon together at one of the highly-rated hotel buffets in Singapore. We heard about the Sunday Brunch at One-Ninety at the Four Seasons from a couple who lives in our condo, and they said it was a good place for families because of their Kid's Buffet.

AJ checking out the amazing spread.

AJ loved this place.

This buffet was THE nicest and "fanciest" buffet I have ever been too! The food was outstanding, the service was incredible, and they really catered to our family (any mom can appreciate that). Bringing a 14-month-old to a really nice restaurant doesn't sound like my idea of a good time, but the staff at One-Ninety made us feel very comfortable there with Linna. They gave us the option to bring her to the Kiddie Buffet so she could play and eat with other children, under the supervision of a couple staff members. However, Linna decided to fall asleep about 20 minutes into our lunch, so AJ and I were able to enjoy our afternoon while Linna was sleeping in the stroller right next to us. At $45 for kids age 5-11 (I know this seems pricey for a kid's meal, but you are paying for food, as well as someone to watch your child for a few hours), your child can play in a supervised play-land, with child-friendly food, as well as healthy vegetable snacks. The play-land has a bouncy castle, face painting, arts & crafts, balloon games, and video game consoles. Kids five years of age and under can hang out and eat for free!

All three of us at Four Season's One-Ninety Sunday Brunch.

This buffet had every gourmet-type food we could ever imagine, and each table of food was arranged beautifully. There was lobster, Alaskan King Crab, salmon, muscles, caviar (I tried this for the first time and I can't say that caviar is my "thing"), sushi, along with some other things at the seafood table, and everything tasted so fresh! They had a cheese station with cheeses from all over the world that were paired with things like figs, olives, dried fruits, etc. I tried so many cheeses that I had never even heard of! The also had a gorgeous salad selection, a Peking Duck station, a charcuterie station (delicious meats) with shaved truffle and other condiments, and some of most beautiful and delicious deserts I've ever laid my eyes and taste buds on. If I listed every type of food there was at this buffet, this blog post would go on for days!

So much meat.

Amazing seafood spread. Those are fresh scallops,
and this was my first time trying a scallop off the shell!

All that delicious food, and Linna chose to eat the crackers.

If that wasn't enough food, we also got to order a main course. I ordered the Benedict, which is grilled salmon, poached eggs, sauteed spinach, and summer truffle. AJ had the Wagyu Steak (Wagyu is a Japanese cow) and both of our selections were delicious. Since Linna is under five years old, she obviously dined for free. She feasted on crackers and fruit! Out of all of the food selections, that's what she decided to eat:)

Breads, cheeses, deserts... oh my!

A hodge-podge of delicious foods. So many choices!

The Sunday Brunch at One-Ninety isn't by any means cheap, but the experience was amazing! For $78 per person, you get to enjoy the buffet without a main course selection. Although we did choose to have a main course, the buffet itself is PLENTY of food. You can also choose to do a champagne brunch, where the champagne is endless during your meal. Although the buffets in Singapore are expensive, the Sunday Buffet at the Four Season's One-Ninety restaurant gives you the option to have childcare during your brunch, along with an incredibly dining experience! I am so happy we decided to do this before heading back to Minnesota.

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