Sunday, November 11, 2012

Back in minnesota.

After a 19-hour flight and two airplane diaper explosions, the Saighs are back in Minnesota! We knew it was going to be cold when we arrived, but MAN it's freezing! It's a lot different than the 90-degree and sunny weather in Singapore that we're used to.

My parents and sister picked Linna, AJ, and I up at the airport around noon (complete with a "welcome home" sign), and there was obviously lots of hugs and happy tears! My sister hasn't seen Linna in three months, so it was great to have them reunite. My parents took Linna to their house so she could sleep and play today, while AJ and I went back to our house to unpack and clean. We are both exhausted. Linna has a cold/cough, so she just hasn't been herself and slept a lot on the plane. I'm so happy to have her sleeping in an actual bed after 19 hours on a plane.

I also can't believe how much I missed our house! We didn't have cable in Singapore, we had to sleep in full-size beds (we are used to our king-size bed), and our kitchen in Singapore was the size of a toe, so being back in our home feels so nice. We had so much mail to go through, cleaning and organizing to finish, so it's wonderful being able to spend a baby-free evening, getting it all done. Plus, I know how much Linna loves being at her Grandma and Grandpa's house:) Tomorrow I have to go grocery shopping, get a new phone (I lost my phone in Tokyo), and finish getting the house in order. It's so weird running errands in boots and coat, and actually being able to drive myself to places we need to go. I am excited to dress Linna in all her cute winter clothes. It's a far cry from being in just a diaper or swimsuit in sunny Singapore:)

Three months FLEW by, and we miss all of our friends at our condo back in Singapore. We are so incredibly blessed to have had the opportunity to live in Asia, and know we'll be lifelong friends with some of the people we met there.

I'm hoping jet-lag doesn't hit our family too hard, as I know how difficult it was when we first landed in Singapore. I made the mistake of falling asleep around 6 this evening, so now I'm WIDE awake. Linna slept a lot on the plane, and was napping again when I stopped over at my parents for an early dinner, so I sure hopes she sleeps tonight. Very thankful to be home!

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  1. Welcome home! I've enjoyed reading your blog during your adventures in Singapore =)!