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GIVEAWAY: 2013 father's day gift guide.

*** GIVEAWAY ***

GOLDEN VILLAGE GOLD CLASS MOVIE TICKET WINNERS: Congratulations to Mariann Weathers and Courtney Brass! You both are winners of a pair of Gold Class tickets to Golden Village. Please email us ( with your address and phone number, so we can verify and get your tickets sent to you.

CRAFT BEER BOOK WINNER: Congratulations to Robyn White of Lakeville, Minnesota. You are the winner of a copy of the book Craft Beer World by Mark Dredge! Please email us ( w/your address & phone number so we can verify & ship you your book.

CARIBOU COFFEE WINNER: Congratulations to Tiffany Pacyga of 
Lino Lake, Minnesota. You have won a Caribou Coffee Rad Dad Mug and bag of Caribou's Traveler’s Roast CoffeePlease email us ( w/your address & phone number so we can verify & ship you your book.

Craft Beer World by Mark Dredge

My husband is a big beer fan. I mean if there was a contest for the world's most beer-loving person... I would enter him... and he'd probably win. When we're home in Minnesota, both AJ and I indulge in delicious IPA beer. That full hoppy flavor is enough to make us both swoon with delight. However in Singapore, beer is quite expensive so we stick with a really light beer called Tiger. To satisfy my husband's beer curiosity (visually), I got him the book Craft Beer World by Mark Dredge and it really is quite the book. It's pretty much the must-have companion for anyone who appreciates decent beer (in this instance... my husband). The author put together over 300 of the most innovative and tastiest beers that a beer-lover needs to try, and divided them into 50 different categories, giving you the best that each style has to offer. If you see my husband carrying this book around with him, it's because it's his new best friend (I think I've been replaced).

Price: About $20 online

Hops Lip Balm by Atlantic Farms

Continuing the beer theme, you can give dad the gift of hops... for his lips! That's right, every time dad licks his lips, he'll enjoy the distinct hoppy flavor that he enjoys in his beer. Hops Lip Balms are made of 100% natural ingredients, and would made a cute little gift attached to the Craft Beer World Book.

Price: $6.50 each, or $20 for a 4-pack

Father's Day Brunch at Shangri-La's The Line Restaurant

I've said it once, and I'll say it again: If you're looking for the best brunch spot in Singapore, head to The Line at Shangri-La. This is where you'll probably find AJ and I on Father's Day (shhhhh, don't tell him... it's a surprise)! We stayed at the Shangri-La Singapore over Easter Weekend for a little stay-cation this year, and had Easter Brunch at The Line. It was simply amazing! Our jaws must have been on the floor the entire time we were there, because it was incredible. Pictures don't do this buffet any justice. The food options went on and on and on, and they literally had every type of food you could ever imagine: Indian, Chinese, salad bar, sushi, SO much seafood including oysters and crab, plenty of meat options, ice cream, chocolate fountain, fresh fruit, satay, deserts... the list seriously goes on and on. If you're in Singapore and you want a taste of one of the best Sunday brunches the city has to offer, make a reservation at the Shangri-La. We hope to see you there on Father's Day!

Price: $98+

Captain Daddy & First Mate Tee by Daddy Scrubs

Oh for cute-ness sake! How adorable are these "Daddy and Me" shirts from Daddy Scrubs. Any new proud papa would be happy to wear his "Captain Daddy" tee-shirt, while the little one sports his/her "First Mate" tee. The shirt is a 60/40 cotton/poly blend, which is pretty soft, and comes in adult size M, L, XL, and XXL. You can get it for the little one in size 6 months, 12 months, or 18 months. Giving this gift to the dad in your life may actually get him to throw out all his old smelly tee-shirts, because this one is sure to become his new fav!

Papa tee-shirt price: $24.95 online
Baby tee-shirt price: $14.95 online

Boat Shoes by Timberland

Ever since I got Linna a pair of boat shoes from Little Grass Hoppers, I've been on the hunt to find me and AJ a pair of adult boat shoes. Although the mission to find my cute boat shoes is not yet complete, I found AJ the nicest pair of boat shoes at Timberland. When I think of Timberland, I think back to all the boys in high school who wore Timberland Boots. But Timberland actually has some great boat shoes for guys at under $100! AJ needed a pair of boat shoes for a wedding he is in this summer, so I feel like I just killed two birds with one stone after this find. He can wear them all summer, and then they'll look "worn" and broken-in by the time the wedding rolls around. The new Earthkeepers collection includes some of my favorite styles, as they look a little more modern than the Classic line of boat shoes. The more classic-looking boat shoes are made of premium full-grain and nubuck leathers, while the canvas shoes are made of organic cotton and PET (recycled plastic bottles). Timberland has stores all over the world, so pick up a pair of their boat shoes for dad today!

Price: Under $100

Man Candles by Yankee Candles

Who knew that there was actually a line of "manly scented" candles out there?! Thank goodness the Man Candles by Yankee Candles don't actually smell like a "typical" man (stinky stinky). Rather, some interesting scents that you may associate with the dad in your life. From Man Town (masculine blend of spices, woods and musk) and First Down (combination of orange, patchouli, vetiver and leather), to Riding Mower (intensely summery scent of freshly cut grass) and MMM Bacon (the name says it all), these line of candles are definitely going to make a statement on Father's Day. If you're looking for a fun gift for the dad who has everything, this might be it!

Price: Under $30

Chillsner by Corkcicle

Give dad the gift of a cold beer... that's actually chilled till the last sip! Any beer-lover would appreciate that, right?! Just freeze the Chillsner for 45 minutes, insert into any bottled beer, and you'll never suffer through another warm brew again. Corkcicle makes a chill-stick for wine-lovers too, that promises to keep any wine at the perfect drinking temperature. Now this is innovative!

Price: Under $30

Kaldi by Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

After months of drinking instant coffee in Singapore, I decided to treat our family to a REAL coffee maker (this was a dual gift - birthday gift for Mama Saigh, and a Father's Day gift for Papa Saigh). The Kaldi by Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is amazing, as it not only brews coffee, but tea, and espresso too! I love waking up in the morning, to the smell of a freshly-brewed coffee or espresso. This machine looks so sleek on our counter-top (we have the silver machine), and it's very easy to keep clean. It has automatic proportioning to ensure consistency in taste and aroma, a twin pressure-system providing a high pressure (15 bar) for espresso or low pressure (3.5 bar) for coffee and tea, and it accommodates a variety of cup sizes. If you're looking for a machine that brews delicious single-cups of coffee, tea, and espresso, and that doesn't require much clean up, then this is the machine for you... oh and dad!

Price: $389

"Rad Dad" Gift Pack by Caribou Coffee

One of my favorite Minnesota-based companies has a really cute gift pack created especially for dads. I'm loving this Rad Dad coffee mug, which comes as part of a set that includes Caribou coffee and snacks! Give your dad the gift he really wants (COFFEE!), and maybe include a little personalized book with "good for one coffee, made by me" coupons. Ugh, writing this makes me crave a hazelnut latte from Caribou. Good thing we're heading back to Minnesota in a couple weeks!

Price: Under $30

And make sure you save this coupon for a buy-one-get-one FREE at Caribou Coffee on Father's Day (June 16th)...

Movie Theater Tickets
AJ and I enjoying a couple beers and
snacks at Golden Village at Vivo City
in Singapore. Best movie experience EVER!

AJ told me that all he wanted for Father's Day this year, was for me to go with him to a movie theater here in Singapore. AJ loves movies, and I'm completely the opposite. However, there's a movie theater in Singapore called Golden Village, where you get to sit in plush electric recliner seats, and you can have a server (just push a button) bring you wine, beer, and food. Ok, I guess I'll go with:) Gold Class tickets are between $29-$39, and Gold Village has theaters all over Singapore. You can also enjoy a meal before or after the movie in the Gold Class Lounge. As a non-theater go-er, this theater actually has me excited about going to see a movie! If you can't make it to see a movie on Father's Day, Golden Village would be a great spot for a date night.

Cost: $29+ for Gold Class

Custom Men's Clothing by J. Hilburn

J.Hilburn is revolutionizing the way men shop. They don't sell through traditional retail stores, so by cutting out the middle man (shopping malls) they offer personalized and ready-to-wear clothing for guys. They offer custom shirts, personalized suits, sport coats, made-to-measure trousers, formal wear, as well as a complete collection of ready-to-wear clothing such as sweaters, polo shirts, t-shirts, outerwear, AG Jeans, and accessories.  The best part is that your dad doesn't have to leave his home or office. Woodbury mom of three boys, Robin Ashton, is a style consultant with this company, and you can visit her website for more information or to set up an appointment.

Price Varies by Style


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  7. Congratulations to Robyn White of Lakeville, Minnesota. You are the winner of a copy of the book Craft Beer World by Mark Dredge! Please email us ( with your address and phone number so we can verify and ship you your book. Thanks for participating everyone and stay tuned to our next giveaway, coming up in just minutes!!!

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  17. Congratulation to Mariann Weathers and Courtney Brass! You both are winners of a pair of Gold Class tickets to Golden Village. Please email us ( with your address and phone number, so we can verify and get your tickets sent to you. Congrats, and thanks for participating everyone! - Melissa Saigh