Saturday, June 8, 2013

21 months.

Linna Saigh at 21 months old. Growing up so fast!
It's s incredible how much a little person can change in just a month. I swear Linna's hair and feet have grown an inch, and she just looks more like a little girl, rather than a baby. Her vocabulary in incredible, and she shocks AJ and I every day with new phrases/sentences. Her latest favs are: "Papa do it", "Marc go to doctor" (all because her little friend Marc had to go to a doctor-appointment a couple weeks ago, and she heard me and Marc's mom talking about it), "Two of them", and "Papa go work". I can just see the little wheels turning in her head when she's trying to repeat what AJ and I are saying.

Linna is still a saint in the sleep department, going to bed around 7:30/8 p.m., and not waking up until 8 a.m. or so. Even if she gets up at 7:30 a.m., she just plays in her crib until we go in and get her. We are SO thankful for this! There are some nights when we put her to bed at 8 p.m., and we can hear her playing in her crib until 9 p.m. or so. Crazy girl! She's also still taking anywhere between a 1.5 - 3 hour nap each afternoon. We've learned that she can skip her  nap all together every now and then, and she'll completely pass out at 7 p.m. and sleep through the night. It's nice to have this as an option, so our day isn't always cut short for nap time. I do enjoy my couple hours of quiet during the day so I can get things done, but it's also nice to be out and about all day long. Linna will sleep in her stroller, but I can get a longer nap out of her by having her sleep in her bed. Speaking of beds, some people have asked me about when we'll be transitioning Linna into a toddler bed. Honestly, not any time soon. As long as Linna is sleeping comfortably in her crib, we're not in any hurry to get her into a toddler bed. Yes, it will be cute to have her in a "big girl" bed, but she hasn't tried climbing out of her crib yet, so we'll keep her "trapped" as long as we can:)

Linna's appetite has significantly increased too. I'm often shocked by how much this little girl can eat in a single meal. She will still skip a meal, and snack all day instead, but she's pretty much consistently eating at least one big meal a day. Linna is also drinking lots of whole milk every day, so I'm not worried when she doesn't eat. We have tons of hot dogs left over from my birthday BBQ, so this has become one of her favorites. I hate the idea of her eating hot dogs, because who KNOWS what's REALLY in them. So once these hot dogs are gone, I will be searching for a hot dog alternative (veggie dogs, etc.). Any suggestions???

Papa and bug.
Our 21-month-old in an adorable outfit from Camouflage in Singapore.
Mama and bug on the way to Chloe's birthday party.
We have tried using the potty chair a couple times with success, but for now we're not pushing any potty training. We'll start after she turns two. Speaking of "potty talk", Linna has also learned about boy and girl private parts. For a couple months now, she has called her private part a "who who". She was playing with it during a diaper change, so we named it... and "who who" was the first thing that popped into my head. Since Linna and I shower together (there's no bathtubs in our Singapore apartment), she has discovered that Mama Saigh also has a "who who", and after that discovery she said "Papa who who?". Instead of lying to her, I said, "no, Papa has a wee wee". So now if you ask her, she will tell you that Mama and Linna have "who whos", and Papa has a "wee wee". I never thought I would be the parent who came up with "cute" names for private parts, but when Linna caught me off guard with this one, I caved into "who who" and "wee wee" land:-/

Wearing Mama Saigh's glasses. Love it!
Currently, Linna is all about animals, and I can seriously make her day by showing her an advertisement for the Singapore Zoo in the MRT station. One day soon, AJ and I will take her to the zoo. We just haven't gotten around to it yet. Linna also loves pointing out shapes when we're out and about, and the other day she surprised AJ and I by pointing out and naming an "exit" sign (AJ taught her that one). We're convinced she can read;) AJ is working on letter sounds with her, and she's pretty good at it! She has the alphabet and her shapes down, she's pretty good at colors, so now we're working on numbers. I love that she's a little sponge at this age and can pick up just about anything really quickly!

Linna and I head back to Minnesota for an almost 2-month visit on June 26th, and we are really excited to see our friends and family! We even get to make a little visit to Paris along the way (we have an 8 and 13 hour layover in Paris on the way to Minnesota and back to Singapore). Slowly building up this little lady's passport:) See you soon MN peeps!

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