Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Father's day brunch at the waterfall cafe.

 Linna and I "treated" Papa Saigh to a delicious Sunday brunch at the Shangri-La on Father's Day, and it did not disappoint. We've enjoyed Sunday Brunch at Shangri-La's The Line restaurant, and I don't think any other Sunday brunch will top that one, but Sunday Brunch at Shangri-La's Waterfall Cafe is one of the better brunches we've been to in Singapore. I'll let the food speak for itself...

Satisfied customer Linna ate all the chocolate off that donut, and loved the
freshly-squeezed  orange juice at Shangri-La's Waterfall Cafe.

AJ wouldn't stop talking about the sandwiches on top.
AJ's breakfast selection: Eggs Benedict. He loved it!
"Oh, there's desert too?"
You will not walk away from this Sunday brunch hungry. There was SO much delicious food. On top of the pretty good-size spread of healthy and creative foods they had at the Waterfall Cafe's buffet, we also got to select a breakfast dish AND and entree from the menu! I ordered the Buckwheat Waffles, and AJ ordered the Salmon Eggs Benedict. AJ says his meal was one of the best breakfast dishes he's ever had. Linna munched on a blueberry muffin, and ate all the chocolate off the top of her donut. My waffles were very tasty too, and even tastier when I added the fresh mint leaves to each bite!

Then came the scallops...

OMG, the scallops.

AJ and I both ordered this dish for our entree (as if we needed even MORE food), and we were both very pleased. The scallops came on a bed of creamy risotto, and we both savored each and every bite. So yummy! There definitely would have been a fight for the last scallop, had we shared.

Papa Saigh, Linna, and Mama Saigh in front of the Shangri-La Singapore.
Organic soda that is included in the brunch price. Yum!
Family-friendly staff.
Other than their amazing selection of food, the Shangri-La Singapore sets itself apart from other Sunday brunches in Singapore, with their phenomenal service. From the moment we walked in the doors of the Waterfall Cafe, we were treated like royalty. The staff was very attentive to our needs, and even took time to play and chat with Linna. The staff knows you paid good money to enjoy this buffet, and you're treated as such.

Although you really can't beat Sunday brunch at Shangri-La Singapore's The Line Restaurant, the Waterfall Cafe does a pretty good job keeping up with its "big brother". They are both amazing in their own ways. If you're looking for a jaw-dropping display of culinary art, you shouldn't miss out on Sunday brunch at The Line. If you're looking for a more quiet and intimate setting, while still indulging in all the delicious dishes the Shangri-La is known for, then The Waterfall Cafe would be your best bet. It's really hard to go to other Sunday brunches in Singapore when we've been to two of the best!

What is your favorite Sunday brunch spot in Singapore???

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