Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The magic porridge pot.

Linna is quickly turning into a little theater baby. At 21 months old, she has been to more shows than I probably have in my 31 years! She really enjoys the music, the lights, the dancing... everything really. This week, we went to see The Magic Porridge Pot at the Alliance Francaise Theatre in Singapore, as we heard it was a short (less than an hour) on-stage performance with music and dancing. Perfect for a rainy day activity!

This story is about a young girl who lived on the edge of the village. She dreamed of how she could help her poor, hungry fellow villagers. One day, she met an old woman who presented her with a little pot, along with the words, "cook, little porridge pot, cook". When she said those magic words, the pot would fill with sweet and nourishing porridge. The girl thought all of the village-peoples' problems were solved, when she actually runs into some other problems along the way. It's a very cute story line!

Linna and I left the theatre singing "cook little porridge pot, cook, cook, cook...", after learning the catchy song during the show. The actors did a great job keeping the children's attention during the whole performance, by engaging them in questions, singing, and humor. The adults in the audience were even laughing at points during the show. It really was a perfect afternoon activity for the little ones. Linna is under two years old, and she sat through the whole show. Her favorite part was when the puppets would pop out from behind the tree for a little sing and dance.

The show runs through June 7th, and is part of the iTheatre 2013 Ace Festival Lite.

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