Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The world's largest aquarium.

Mama Saigh and Linna at in front of
the world's largest aquarium.
Considering the fact that we live in the same part of the world as the largest aquarium IN THE WORLD, we really have no excuse to not check it out. So yesterday, Linna and I made the short journey (about a 15 minute taxi ride from our apartment) to Sentosa, to see the S.E.A. Aquarium in the Marine Life Park at Resorts World Sentosa. This park is the official holder of two Guinness World Records for the largest aquarium, and the largest acrylic panel!

Linna and I spent the entire morning checking out more than 80,000 animals of over 800 species, housed in over 40-million liters of water. How is that for some amazing numbers?! Both of us were awe-struck by the initial sighting of the huge S.E.A. Aquarium. When we walked into the exhibit, I saw what I thought to be the REALLY big aquarium, when it was actually one of the "smaller" ones. So, you can imagine my shock to see the BIG aquarium.

The centerpiece of the Aquarium measures almost 30-feet high (8.3 meters), and almost 120-feet across (36 meters). It's HUGE! Can you believe the S.E.A. Aquarium holds more than 42.8 million liters of fresh and salt water?! That's enough for fill 17 Olympic-size swimming pools.


Inside, we saw THE biggest fish I have ever seen. It was so big, Linna was a bit intimidated by it. We saw a Manta Ray, sharks, the Giant Moray Eel, dolphins, sea jellies, along with scuba-divers swimming along side these outstanding creatures inside the Aquarium. I could have stayed inside the Ocean Dome for hours, watching the marine life swim overhead, as well as under out feet. It was so relaxing and surreal.

Linna literally just starred at everything. I think she was amazed by what she was experiencing! I tried to get her to take a photo in front of the Goliath Grouper, but she kept her distance. It was like she thought these big fish would leap out from behind the acrylic panel! After a couple hours of walking around, Linna must have used up a lot of toddler energy, because she curled right up into her stroller to take a snooze. It was a long enough snooze to allow Mama Saigh a chance to meet up with Papa Saigh for a weekday lunch!

Sharks. This photo looks fake, but I promise it's real! I took it:)
Marine life below our feet...
...and above our heads.
Hands on learning.
Reminds me of the Mall of America's Sea Life Aquarium.
"Look at all the fishies Snuggles!" - Linna

Sea Jellies.
Gorgeous Sea Jellies.
Linna and the Goliath Grouper. 

A dolphin swimming upside-down. Look, it's Uncle John! ;)
Too cool.
Giant crabs.

Later this week, we will be heading back to Sentosa, to spend the day at Adventure Cove Waterpark, which is the only waterpark in the region with marine life. It's also home to Southeast Asia's first hydro-magnetic coaster (roller-coaster on water). Linna will have to sit some of these rides out, while Mama and Papa Saigh take turns checking them out. We cannot wait!

We're keeping our fingers crossed for this next visit to Marine Life Park, because through the month of June, the one-millionth visitor will win a Shark Encounter experience, a Ray Bay experience, and even a dining experience at the Ocean Restaurant with Cat Cora. Can you imagine?!

Linna playing drums outside the Marine Life Park, in the Maritime Museum on Sentosa.

We really are soaking up every moment that we're spending in Singapore, and we are very lucky to be so close to these one-in-a-lifetime experiences. Linna is one lucky little toddler!

World's Largest Oceanarium... followed by the world's longest nap?!

Ticket information for S.E.A. Aquarium
How to get there

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