Monday, August 8, 2011

2:30 a.m. on monday.

After a warm bath, some birthing ball action, and walking around, my back pain and contractions were getting bad enough that I decided to get some drugs via IV. Thank goodness for drugs:) My nurse missed my vein the first round, which almost put me over the edge (I'm such a patient person), and since she has a "one poke policy" another nurse came in and got it right away. I feel like I've had a couple glasses of wine, but I still feel the contractions in my back and hips. Next stop... epidural land:) I know I should get some sleep, but this is all just so new and exciting. The nurses are so friendly and they're really making us feel comfortable. Papa Saigh is starving and looking for some food. Oh, and I'm 4 cm dilated, so progress is being made!!!

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