Monday, August 29, 2011

Linna's Nursery

Finally... I'm getting around to posting photos of Linna's nursery!  I am so proud of the room AJ and I put together for Baby Linna.  We started this project a few months after we found out I was pregnant.  We painted the room a gender neutral color (beige), because we didn't know at the time if I was having a boy or a girl.  We decided we'd add pops of pink if it was a girl, and navy blue if it was a boy.  We were thrilled to find out we were having a girl!

Linna's towels on a coat rack.
Our parents purchased the nursery furniture for us ON SALE at JCPenney.  The original cost was over $1,500, but they got it for around $600 (crib, dresser and changing table included).  I love the dark wood!  My friend Brittany Peltola made Linna's bedding, and gave it to us as a baby show gift.  The girl is incredibly talented with the sewing machine!

The glider chair was given to us by my parents.  It is a custom glider from Baby Grand in Hopkins.  I'm not sure if you can see, but it is a dark brown with a paisley print.  The gorgeous blanket draped across the chair was hand made by AJ's friend Abby Kakeldey.  The pink blanket draped across Linna's crib was hand made by my co-worker Tracy Robb.  Linna is so lucky to have people make her such incredible gifts!

Above Linna's crib, we decided to hang paper lanterns.  I saw this idea on a blog, and it was SO inexpensive to put together (around $20).  We also decided to hang her name above her crib with letters I found at Michael's for around $3 each.  I tied brown ribbon to the top of each letter, and AJ hung them up.

I don't know what it is about giraffe print, but I can't get enough of it!  I found the rug under her crib online for about $40.  It's the type of rug that cleans well with a damp cloth, in case we have accidents on it:)  I wanted to get a giraffe print chair, but that might have been a little over-kill;)  I did find a giraffe print chair on Craigslist for our upstairs sitting room... go me!!!

Hanging above her dresser, is one of my maternity photos.  I came home from work one day when I was pregnant, and AJ had put that together for me!  In my hormonal state, I of course cried:)  What a great hubby I have!  The photos behind the chair are pictures I took with my new camera.  I put Linna's hot pink tutu with a pair of her shoes, and took some close-up shots.  It was a cheap and personalized way to add pops of pink to her room!

We do want to have another baby in a few years, and if baby number 2 is a boy, he'll be able to use the bedding, chair, etc., because we had all of that done in brown or beige.  We're big on reusing!  What do you think???

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