Sunday, August 7, 2011

Where a great life ends, another will soon begin.

My Grandpa Dale Krekelberg
This weekend, my family lost our Grandpa, Dale Krekelberg. It's always a shock when someone close to you passes away, but knowing that my grandpa passed away peacefully in his sleep late last night, makes his loss a little bit easier. He's been suffering from Parkinsons for years, and has had a lot of trouble remembering things. Whenever I'd talk to him on the phone, I'd remind him about Baby Saigh's expected arrival date, how my pregnancy was going, etc., and I could tell that he had a hard time remembering that I was even pregnant. But a few weeks ago, my cousins and aunts went to visit him, and he didn't stop asking about Baby Saigh. It's almost like he was making sure everything was ok with us before he passed away. He was such a wonderful man and he is going to be missed by so many!

Cousins with Grandma and Grandpa K
But where a great life ends, another will soon begin. When I spoke with my Grandma Krekelberg on the phone today, the first thing she said was, "Grandpa left to make room for Lil' Bit" (this is what she calls Baby Saigh). I'm so sad that my grandpa won't get to meet Baby Saigh, but I know he'll be looking down on her. In a way I think he knew that she'd bring a sense of happiness after this big loss.

I love you, Bompa.

Tomorrow afternoon, I go in for my final doctor appointment, where we'll be scheduled for the induction on Friday! I am so excited to meet our little bean. Papa Saigh and I went on a two-mile walk today to try to get things moving along. We walked to Caribou and back... nom nom nom! I think it's so funny how people literally STARRED as I walked down the street. A big pregnant belly gets a girl a LOT of attention.

I had to walk up a big hill so things are pretty uncomfortable tonight. I'm having a LOT of pelvic pressure and irregular contractions, but what else is new, right?! I think this baby is taking her sweet time, and will make her arrival after Friday's induction. This was our last weekend as "non parents", and it's amazing to think that our little girl will be here in about 5 days! CRAZINESS!!!

38 weeks pregnant and off for a long
walk with my hubby.

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