Monday, August 22, 2011

Where mama goes, baby goes.

Papa and Linna
Linna is two weeks old today!

She is getting so big, even though she's still so small. I realize that I just had her a short time ago, but I'm beginning to wonder if I'll ever be able to leave her in the care of another person. Right now, she goes where I go (to Target, running errands, nail salon, etc.). People have offered to watch her while I "quick run out", and I know that her dad is fully capable of watching her... but I just can't leave her.

My brother had a birthday party for his girlfriend Holly this past Saturday, and at first we were excited to go.  But after days of thinking about leaving Linna home for a few hours with one of our moms, we decided not to go:(

I just want to bring her everywhere with me.

I'm like a two-year-old with separation anxiety from her mom.  Every second I can spend with Linna is so precious, and the thought of her crying when I'm not around breaks my heart!

I'm sure things will change as she gets older, but for now... where mama goes, baby goes:) And I like it that way!

Snooze time


  1. did you know that my mom's nickname for me is "beanie" and to this day she STILL calls me "bean?" too funny.

  2. After I posted some pictures of newborn Drew sleeping, a friend told me that according to an old wives' tale, babies who sleep with their arms up are good babies. Drew certainly is! Looks like Linna is too! :o)