Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Bedtime with a silly and tired 3-year-old.

Somehow, our dainty little princess, turned into a poop, booger, and bodily-function obsessed 3-year-old. Lately, Linna can't stop singing about "poo", thinks it's hilarious to pick her nose and eat her boogers, and turns into a giggly mess whenever she farts. When she's tired, her silly "poop talk" gets even more obnoxious. What happened to my twirling, dancing, singing about love, little lady? It's so hard not to laugh when she's cracking herself up while singing her latest "poo poo" song (it's pretty cute, right?!). I know it could be much MUCH worse, but seriously... How much can a child talk about poop, farts, and boogers?! I think someone up above is preparing me for a boy. That, or she's becoming even MORE of a spitting image of her Papa. Here's how bedtime went tonight...

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