Thursday, June 25, 2015

Last day of nursery at dulwich in singapore.

We could not have asked for a better year, or better teachers than the ones we found at Dulwich College in Singapore. Linna had her last day of nursery today, before the class spends two months on summer break. Next year (August), the class will be broken up into separate classes for reception (British version of the American Pre-K). We were so sad to say our farewells today, but very excited to jump on a plane tomorrow to fly back to home to Minnesota for the summer!

(Linna says "happy summer break" to her nursery friends at Dulwich.)

(Linna's last walk to the bus stop as a nursery student.)

Linna heading to her last day of nursery at Dulwich. Non-uniform day!

Mr. See (Linna's Mandarin teacher) and Linna. Mr. See says
he will miss Linna asking to  hold her hand when they walk to the library;(

Linna and Miss Wallace - THE best teacher ever!

Linna and Mrs. Najib (assistant teacher). Linna says she will
miss Mrs. Najib's cuddles.

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