Thursday, June 18, 2015

Father's day idea.

Papa Saigh is a very simple dude. This year, instead of buying a Father's Day gift, I decided to focus on (appropriate) things that REALLY make my husband happy (remember, I said APPROPRIATE things). The top things I could think of were...

1. Not spending money.
2. Not being hot.
3. Food.
4. Sleep.
5. Spending time with his girls.

So this year for Father's day, we're going to spend the afternoon at an air-conditioned movie theater watching a movie that the 3-year-old and the parents would enjoy (the new Minions movie). Linna and I are also making Papa Saigh one of his favorite deserts (homemade apple pie), while we let him sleep in on Sunday morning. Instead of buying a Father's Day card, I helped Linna make this...

This is something that is easy for a grown-up to prepare for the little ones, so the little ones just have to fill in the blanks.The big kids can do it all on their own. It's more meaningful that an expensive store-bought card, and allows your kids to put their personality into it. The best part is that it doesn't cost a thing! This weekend is actually our last weekend together in Singapore before Linna and I fly back to Minnesota for the summer (Papa Saigh will be joining us in August), so we want to spend as much time together as possible. Otherwise, I would have given Papa Saigh a bottle of Jack Daniels, and sent him to the movie theater alone for the day:)

Happy Father's Day to all the deserving Dads out there!!!

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