Monday, June 8, 2015

Sports day at dulwich.

This morning, Linna had her first "Sports Day" at her school in Singapore. All of the nursery students got to show their parents and spectators what they've been learning this year in P.E. at Dulwich College, and the event was SO incredibly cute. The kids showed off their sprinting, hurdling, tossing, and jumping skills, while the parents cheered them on from the bleachers in the school's gym. Linna participated in every event, and was so proud to show off her athletic side and achievement stickers to her Mama and Papa. While she wasn't the fastest, or the "best" at every event, we couldn't be more proud of our little girl! Her gorgeous face beamed with pride as she participated in every event, and she loved having her parents there to support her. We can't believe that we have have a kid who is old enough to participate in school events like these already! Where does the time go?!

(Linna doing her first hurdles at Sports Day.)

(Linna doing her first sprint at Sports Day.)

All the nursery students ready to show off their athletics skills.

Competing in the "sprint" event.

Bean-bag toss with Mr. See.

The long jump.
(Video of Linna doing the long-jump.)


"Check out my stickers!"

Mama Saigh, Linna, and Papa Saigh at Sports Day.

So proud of our little athlete!

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