Sunday, November 15, 2015

Jameson marshall saigh is here.

As I sit here in my hospital bed writing this, my precious and perfect baby boy is sleeping soundly right next to me. I know I should sleep when the baby sleeps, but I just can't stop starring at this little man. 

Jameson Marshall Saigh, AKA Baby "Jimmy".

Jameson Marshall Saigh (Baby "Jimmy") made his grand entrance at 2:41 p.m. on November 14th. My water broke at home at 7:40 on Saturday morning. I was laying in bed, having irregular contractions and slight back pain, and Papa Saigh and I were discussing whether or not we should ask his parents (MeMaw and PeePaw) to head to our house from Mankato (my parents are currently in Florida). We decided to call and tell them not to hurry, but to head to our house whenever they could, because we might head to the hospital if my contractions kept progressing. Ten minutes later, we were calling to tell them to hurry and get here, because my water broke and I was bleeding slightly (pink blood in the fluid). We decided to take Linna to the hospital with us and have MeMaw and PeePaw meet us there, because I started having pretty strong contractions at home.

(VIDEO: Telling Linna that my water just broke, and that the baby is probably coming today.)

I was immediately admitted to the hospital, gave Linna a hug "good-bye", as she was off with her MeMaw and PeePaw. I decided to start some IV drugs right away because I was already dilated to 4.5cm and 80% effaced, and we had the epidural guy on stand-by. And now, the worst part of my entire labor experience. The nurses tried to administer my IV not once, not twice, but THREE times... AND they weren't successful until the FOURTH attempt. I hate needles, so along with a lot of tears came a few f-bombs (and some other words that don't need repeating). I was so upset. I had to get into the bathtub to remove myself from the situation, and try to relieve my back pain. Once the nurse successfully administered my IV drugs, I had an epidural started as well. My epidural with Linna went very smoothly, and other than a little bit of pressure, I didn't feel any pain during her birth. This time around, was very different.

Last "bump" photo, in the elevator at the hospital.

Last pic as a family of three.

From the very beginning, my epidural was "odd". I literally felt so high, and was not only numb from the legs down, but from my chest down. I couldn't keep my legs from falling off the bed (which, of course, I found hilarious in my "high" state), but I also couldn't cough properly, which was extremely frustrating. I went from 4.5cm, to 6cm, then 8cm, in about an hour. When I got to 8cm, they called the doctor to come in, because I was literally crossing my legs to keep from pushing the baby out. I can't tell you how difficult this was. When the doctor finally arrived, they set me up to push, and I immediately knew that this birth experience would be different from my birth experience with Linna.

I could feel... EVERYTHING.

Snuggling my little man.

Baby Jimmy isn't sure what to think of his new world.

The doctor game me a local anesthetic to make the experience a little bit better. The pain wasn't excruciating or anything, but the pressure was intense! Papa Saigh and I were able to watch the birth from a mirror that the nurses set up, which again, was an incredible thing to see. While I probably would have rather been a little more numb, I felt pretty amazing after experiencing the feelings of pushing my baby out. I only pushed for about 20 minutes, and when they placed the baby on my chest, I immediately asked what it was. Papa Saigh said, "it's a boy!", as his eyes filled with tears. I couldn't believe it, and I still can hardly believe it. Baby Jimmy had a great set of lungs, and didn't stop crying until they brought him back to me after they weighed him and checked his vitals. I fell in love from the moment I looked at his full head of hair and perfect little face.

We called MeMaw, PeePaw, and Linna, and told them to head to the hospital, without telling them if the baby was a boy or a girl. Linna was beyond excited to meet her new baby, but when we told her it was a boy, she said, "but I wanted an Etta (our girl name)". Her disappointment didn't last very long, as she cuddled right up to her baby brother. Watching the two of them together has made my heart double in size. I can't believe I am the mama of TWO babies... A gorgeous little girl, and perfect little boy. I was pretty worried about how I'd ever love another baby as much as I love my first born, but it's unreal how much love is pouring out of me right now.

My heart.

Baby Jimmy after his first bath. Look at all his hair!

I seriously can't stop cuddling and starring at Baby Jimmy. He is unbelievably cute, and beyond sweet. I love his newborn cry, and his precious whimper when he sleeps. He's not even 24 hours old yet, and he's already pooped twice, figured out how to latch on to my massive boobs (with a nipple shield), and is pretty alert when he's awake (although he sleeps a lot). I'm pumping a good amount of colostrum with my new Medela breast pump, and feeding it to Baby Jimmy via a bottle. He's taking a pacifier, bottle, and the boob with no nipple confusion. He is absolute perfection, and I want five more of him. Man, how things change!

Papa Saigh is staying with me and Baby Jimmy in the hospital until Monday, and I am enjoying every minute of my "vacation". I think I desperately needed a little bit of a break from the 4-year-old, and I know it's just a matter of time before I have to go back to "real life" as a new mom of two (with no nurses to help). I am soaking up this precious time with my little man, because I know he's going to grow up just as fast as Linna has. We are so thankful for all the love we've received from all of you, and I am feeling like the luckiest person in the world right now. 

Now, time to enjoy some more snuggles with my little guy!

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