Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Linna has glasses.

4-year-old Linna in her new glasses.
At her ophthalmologist's recommendation, we decided to get our 4-year-old her first pair of glasses. How adorable does she look in these Ted Baker frames from the Glasses Menagerie in Minneapolis?! She is SO excited about her new eye-wear, and I am just happy that she is happy.

Since Linna was about two years old, we've been seeing Dr. Sonal at the Singapore National Eye Centre, for what we called her "wonk eye". The medical term for Linna's "wonk eye" is a "divergent squint", or a "lazy eye". Her eye really only drifts if she's tired or spacing out. We tried using an eye patch to strengthen the muscles of her weak eye, and followed-up with Dr. Sonal every 3 months. Linna's vision has been excellent. But, at this point her ophthalmologist in Minnesota (Dr. Erick Bothun) doesn't want her eye muscles to become any weaker, so he recommended that Linna try glasses.

The glasses are supposed to help her KEEP her focus when she wears them. That way, she'll continue to train her brain to keep her eyes together when she looks off into the distance.

Dr. Sonal and Dr. Bothun have been incredible helping us fix Linna's eye issue. Linna looks forward to going to both doctors, and is so excited to have a new pair of glasses that look just like Papa Saigh's glasses. At Dr. Bothun's recommendation, we went to Glasses Menagerie in Uptown, as they apparently have the largest selection of children's frames in the Twin Cities. Other than the initial sticker-shock (their glasses aren't cheap), we were very pleased with our experience there. The staff was very sweet, patient, and helpful with Linna, while listening to Mama Saigh's opinions as well (I didn't want anything too "kiddie").

It took less than a week to get Linna's glasses finished, and the staff at Glasses Menagerie showed Linna how to care for and clean her new glasses. She is SO excited to wear them to school tomorrow! If the glasses don't work, we'll have to consider surgery to correct the issue. Let's hope she continues to like and wear her new glasses, so we don't have to go the surgery route.

Linna being fitted for her first pair of glasses with the staff at Glasses Menagerie. 

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