Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Baby saigh #2 pregnancy: 36 weeks.

36 weeks pregnant with Baby Saigh #2.
I'm eating the 4-year-old's Halloween candy as I write this (shhhhhhh...). I can't believe I'm full-term on Thursday (Nov. 5th)! While this pregnancy has been pretty rough during my last trimester, and I am trying to savor every moment and ENJOY my pregnancy. I'm loving my nights in the tub, where I can just chill with this baby, and watch him or her move all over the place. It's so crazy that we don't know if this little one is a boy or a girl.

At my 36-week check-up last Thursday, my doctor told me that I'm already 3 cm dilated, and 70-percent effaced. I've been having Braxton Hicks contractions all over the place, and at times I feel like this baby is just going to fall out. I was cooking dinner on Sunday night, and there were a few times that I had to stop, cross my legs, and check to see if I had any little limbs coming out of me. Tonight, on the way home from Linna's eye appointment, I actually thought we might have to head to the hospital to have the baby. I was having a lot of contractions, but nothing painful or breath-taking. As I type this, I'm still having them, but again nothing major. I'm actually kind of nervous that I've forgotten what "real" labor contractions feel like. With Linna, my water broke at home, without me having contractions. The contractions started in the hospital, a few hours after my water broke. What if the baby just falls out?! There's been plenty of times with this baby that I've felt like he or she was going to break my water with all the movement and pressure. My nether-regions are taking the brunt of this.

I still have my cough, but it's gotten much better. We've finally gotten Linna to sleep in her own bed at night, which was a struggle at first, but she's on night #4! Papa Saigh sleeps in there with her, so I've had our big California King to myself, and I've actually been sleeping 7-8 hours straight. My belly button has almost completely flattened out, and my belly has definitely gotten bigger in the last two weeks. I'm waddling around like I have a bowling ball between my legs, and have really slowed my pace. It's so funny hearing all the comments from the other moms and teachers every day at Linna's school...

"Oh, I think you've dropped!", "Not much further to go!", "Here comes the waddler!", "Any time now, huh?!"

The "Big Sister" doctor scrubs I ordered for Linna from About Me Baby on Etsy. Under $25, shipped!

It will be interesting to walk in one day with a newborn. I have my 37-week appointment on Thursday afternoon, so I'm excited to see if I've dilated any further. We have neighbors and family on standby to be with Linna when I go into labor. If I had to guess, we'll have our new addition here by the end of the weekend!

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