Monday, November 23, 2015

Maternity photo-shoot with robert evans.

Baby Jimmy is now a week old, and I'm already missing my baby bump. It's incredible how I've gone from "This is my last baby.", to "Let's have five more!", in the matter of a couple weeks. During my pregnancy, I found an amazingly talented photographer to capture the final weeks of my growing belly. Robert Evans of Robert Evans Imagery captured the most beautiful photos of my first baby, Linna, and her baby brother in my belly when I was about 33 weeks pregnant with Baby Jimmy (at the time, we didn't know if he was going to be a boy or a girl). Minnesota is pretty lucky to have this talented photographer living and working right here in the Twin Cities, because he has quite the extensive portfolio.

Linna, Mama Saigh, and Baby Jimmy in my belly.
Mama Saigh and "the bump" in our unfinished basement of the new house.
Robert is the photographer who captured all the of wedding images for Katie Holmes and Tom CruiseBrad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, and Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton. I feel beyond lucky to have found this talented man to capture this special time in our family's life. Robert made our entire shoot so easy. He came to my home, which was great because I could just pop into my closet to select wardrobe choices for each shot, instead of having to lug everything to his studio. Robert made me feel incredibly relaxed, and had our 4-year-old daughter in and out of shots when her short attention span would allow for it. His photography partner, Nate Anderson, was also on hand to shoot video of this experience. The three of us had so much fun during our two-hour shoot, listening to Robert tell us stories from his celebrity photography experience.

Mama Saigh and baby.
I love this photo because I'm sitting on the same chair that I took all of Linna's monthly
and yearly photos in, as she was a little baby!
I received my images from Robert within a week of our shoot, and was blown away with how the photos turned out. He captured the developing bond that was forming between me, my daughter, and the growing baby inside my belly. While I was feeling swollen, uncomfortable, and just plain large during this pregnancy, Robert and Nate made me feel beautiful. It's fantastic how Robert turned simple spots in our newly purchased home, into gorgeous backdrops and settings for each photo. We had just moved into our new house the day before this shoot, and now, I love looking back on these photos to see how far we've come making this house our home.

Linna resting on Mama Saigh's baby bump. She's SO excited to be a big sister!

We had some fun during our shoot too!
It feels like it was just yesterday that I had Baby Jimmy in my belly, but now he's here and we're loving every cuddle, newborn cry, and sweet newborn smell. I'm so excited to, one day, explain to my kids that they were photographed photographing moms, moms-to-be, and families in the Twin Cities, so take advantage of this while you can, because he's sure to book up quickly!
by the man who photographed some of the biggest celebrities in America. The moments Robert captured of me and my babies will be something I will always look back on, because this pregnancy really did fly by. Robert Evans is now

Robert Evans Imagery
Phone: (818) 206-4243

Nate Anderson, Robert Evans, and Mama Saigh.

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