Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Gardens by the bay.

Just a glimpse inside the Cool-Dry Conservatory.
Yesterday, Linna and I checked out a BRAND NEW (opened June of 2012) attraction in Singapore called the Gardens by the Bay. Everyone that we have met in Singapore has told us to go see this 250-acre park, filled with waterfront gardens, conservatories, supertrees, skyways, and AMAZING views! This is one place you need to see for yourself, as photos and video don't do it any justice.

Right before she dozed off.


The gardens consist of a Flower Dome (a cool-dry conservatory), Supertree Grove, Cloud Forest (a cool-moist conservatory), Heritage Gardens, Dragonfly and Kingfisher Lakes, World of Plants, and the Bay East Gardens. Plus, there's restaurants, a nightly light display, hands-on multimedia screens, and a floor to ceiling waterfall that literally had my jaw on the floor.

I couldn't get enough of this indoor waterfall.

This picture doesn't do it justice. I felt like I was
standing under a natural waterfall!

Imagine the Como Park Conservatory in Minnesota times a MILLION! I've never seen anything like the Gardens by the Bay. Linna did her best to stay awake while we were there, but all the climate changes and soothing sounds had her napping within a half an hour.

These walk-ways in the sky were unreal.

Amazing, but scary views.

Good to know!

The walkways in the gardens take you hundreds of feet above the ground, as you walk through the most breath-taking displays of flowers and plants. The views of the city through the windows are absolutely incredible, and make the price of admission worth every penny.

The outdoor gardens are free of admission costs, but you do have to pay to enter the Cooled Conservatories and OCBC Skyway. It's completely worth the price of admission (much cheaper if you're a resident of Singapore), because the views are incredible.


Linna and I visited the Gardens during the day, and we're bringing AJ and my parents back at night so we can take in the light display in the Supertree Grove. We could have spent half a day touring the gardens, but I made the mistake of only allotting about an hour for our visit. You don't get to see one-tenth of the Gardens in that amount of time. If you do visit, give yourself a half-day to enjoy it all. Also, plan on visiting after 5 p.m., so you can enjoy both the day and the night displays. I hear the light display is something you shouldn't miss (so we'll be back to see it).
I'd fall asleep from all the soothing sounds
and scenery too!
Great view of the Marina Bay Sands Casino & Hotel. Looks like the
ship from the movie "2012", right?!
Besides the spectacular views from the above-ground walkways, my favorite part of the Gardens was the floor-to-ceiling waterfall inside the Cool-Moist Conservatory. I could literally feel the water splashing off the waterfall, and felt like I was standing underneath a natural waterfall that you only see in photos.
Supertrees. Incredible walk-way in the sky!
No, they're not real trees:)
I can't wait to go back and post more photos from the evening light show!

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