Thursday, September 6, 2012

Singapore sam.

Mrs. Johnson's first-grade class at St. Mary's School in Worthington, MN.

September is traditionally the month where many parents say good-bye to the fun summer schedules, as children in Minnesota head back to school. During our stay in Singapore (August - November 2012), Linna and I will be communicating with a first-grade classroom in Worthington, Minnesota, using a green and yellow frog that we have named "Singapore Sam".

Singapore Sam hanging out on top of Linna's
stroller in Chinatown.

Singapore Sam having lunch at the Food Republic (a big
food court) in Vivo City (large shopping mall).

If this sounds odd to you, let me explain. My aunt Nancy Johnson is a first-grade teacher at St. Mary's School in Worthington, MN. Since many of her students have never, or may never have the opportunity to travel to Singapore, she thought it would be fun for her students to see parts of Singapore through the eyes of Singapore Sam. Children are much more entertained by a fun stuffed animal traveling around the world, than a couple humans they've never met:)

Linna and I take Singapore Sam everywhere we go in Singapore. On the SMRT (underground train system in Singapore), to restaurants, the airport... where we go, Singapore Sam comes with us! Linna loves holding onto Singapore Sam while she's in the stroller, and at one point, Singapore Sam even jumped into the pool with Linna (this was an accident).

Singapore Sam's first cab ride in Singapore.

Singapore Sam is also collecting little pieces of Sinapore memoribilia along his trip, to send back to Mrs. Johnson's first-grade class. So far, he's found some chopsticks, a postcards, a Chinese soup spoon, and a few other things, to send to Mrs. Johnson's students. Linna, Singapore Sam, and I will also be talking to the students about Singapore Sam's travels via Skype. Since we are 13 hours ahead of Minnesota, these Skype sessions will most-likely be me and Singapore Sam chatting with the students, as Linna will be sleeping.

Singapore Sam waiting for his flight to take off
at the Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport.

Singapore Sam is very excited to share his expereinces with the first-graders at Worthington's St. Mary's School. So if you see a photo that we've taken in Singapore, with a little green and yellow frog in it... you now know that it's Singapore Sam:)

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