Sunday, September 2, 2012

Squirrel bites & kushiyaki.

We were walking through Vivo City (a mall close to our apartment in Singapore) yesterday, and we came across a food vendor called Squirrel Bites. Interesting name for this fried dough pastry, and I'm still not sure why they call it that. But we decided to try it anyway since the sign said "Brand New in Singapore". A Squirrel Bite is basically a fried pastry dough, with any toppings you'd like to put on it. From strawberries and chocolate, to cheesy garlic butter, the toppings list goes on and on. We (or I) decided to get the Rocky Road Squirrel Bite, which is peanut butter, chocolate, and M&Ms. Yuuuuum!

Enjoying our Squirrel Bite.

So many options.

They make the Squirrel Bite "fresh" and right on the spot, and the portion size is HUGE (the photos make it look smaller than it really is). They each cost about $4-$5, which is a pretty good price since they are literally the size of your head. We ate ours after a sushi lunch, so it was a pretty heavy desert. I have to say that they are pretty delicious! Nothing spectacular, but it was a tasty new treat for AJ, Linna and I. Linna was a HUGE fan, but then again she's a fan of anything sweet. We gave her a few bites, and then she decided to skip her afternoon nap (probably due to a sugar high). I wonder if we'll ever see these things in Minnesota. Maybe at the State Fair?!

We also decided to grab some sushi for lunch at Vivo City, so we stopped at a restaurant called Shin Kushiya. Although we ended up spending about $50 on lunch, this place was pretty amazing! Linna even ate some sushi and kushiyaki. Kushiyaki is meat, seafood, or vegetables, grilled on bamboo skewers. They're basically a kabob, only better. They're grilled over Bincho charcoal, and topped with their special spices or sauces. They are simple and delicious!

Mastering the chopsticks.

We had the chicken meatballs, beef meatballs, salmon, and a pork kushiyaki. Every single one was perfectly grilled, juicy, and amazing. They are small portions for about $3-$5. Linna was a big fan of the chicken meatball kushiyaki!

The maki roll that Linna and I shared.

AJ's maki roll.

Salmon, pork, chicken, and beef kushiyaki.

We also got two maki rolls with prawns (or shrimp). I had one with avocado, and AJ has a more simple roll. Linna even ate the rice and little fish eggs on the top. The roll I had was similar to the Crunchy Roll at Crave in Minnesota (which is one of my favorite foods), but I have to say that the Crunchy Roll at Crave is still my FAVORITE maki roll that I've ever tried!

You'd think she's been in Asia her whole life;)

These are two new food places we've tried, and both get two thumbs up! We will definitely be back:)

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