Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Swimming in singapore.

At this rate, Linna may be swimming on her own before she starts walking!

The other day at the pool, my friend Steph from England let Linna use her son Max's water-wings (or arm floaters). I put them on her, and to my surprise, Linna was able to actually keep her head above the water and walk on the baby pool's floor. Before this happened, she wasn't using any floaters/life jacket and she was learning her "limits" of where she could (and couldn't) go in the baby pool. FYI, when she stands in the baby pool, the water comes up to her neck (that's how deep it is). Well today, Linna was SWIMMING, by herself (assisted with water-wings), with NO help from mama!!!
This is what Linna was doing a couple weeks ago.

Linna won't even let me help her swim anymore. She's all on her own now with the water-wings (I bought her a pair). She swims and walks in the pool, when she can't even stand on her own on the ground. She swims a good distance from me, to go play with her friends on the other side of the pool, ALL BY HERSELF! She does get "stuck" sometimes and has to cough up some water, but for the most part, my little 13-month-old is SWIMMING!

I give a lot of credit to her early swimming lessons at FOSS Swim School in Chanhassen, MN, because ever since her first lesson at six months old, she has been a little fish who is NOT afraid of the water.

Linna, you're growing up too fast... slow down little girl!

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