Monday, September 10, 2012

Trying to say words.

Being in a foreign country, I often have trouble figuring out what people are trying to say. From my new friends in Singapore with thick British accents, to the Chinese moms by the pool speaking a completely different language, I find myself missing my friends and family with thick Minnesota accents:)



However, today I found myself trying to figure out what my 13-month-old was trying to say. Linna started playing with her washcloth in the bathtub, while saying (what sounds like) "whuh". Linna doesn't say much beyond "mama", "dada", "papa", "lala", and "hi", so when she started mumbling this new one-syllable word "whuh", I thought, "what is she trying to say?".

Is she trying to say "water"?

I wanted to climb in that little head of hers and figure out what she was trying to communicate. I know that babies babble, but wouldn't it be interesting (and helpful) if we knew what they were trying to communicate to us?

What do you think she was trying to say???

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