Friday, September 7, 2012

Seafood paradise.

The name of this restaurant pretty much says it all, and last night, AJ, Linna and I got to experience it! Both AJ and I think it's safe to say (from our experience anyway) that Seafood Paradise serves THE BEST chili crab in Singapore... Linna decided to focus on her bottle of milk:)

Linna checking out the fish.

Hello HUGE crab!

Seafood Paradise is located right underneath the famous Singapore Flyer, which we will be riding on this weekend (stay tuned for photos of that). It's just an SMRT (subway) ride from our apartment near HarbourFront to the Promenade stop, which is a couple blocks away from the Flyer.

On the SMRT heading to dinner.

All dressed up for dinner!

The first thing that caught my (and Linna's) eye at Seafood Paradise, were the aquariums that were stacked floor to ceiling. They were filled with some of the biggest lobsters, crabs, and fish I have ever seen! Linna loved pointing at them, but little did she know those friendly sea creatures were soon going to be in our bellies:)

We started our meal with the Crispy Kang Kong with Cuttlefish. Sounds weird right?! It's actually not all that crazy. It's basically Kang Kong, which is a popular green leafy-vegetable that you can find at supermarkets in Singapore, and it's then fried in tempura. It makes the leaves crispy and tasty, and the salad is topped with pickled cuttlefish and their homemade seafood sauce. This dish definitely has a bite to it, but it's nothing we couldn't handle. Surprisingly, I was a big fan of the cuttlefish, but AJ said he could do without it. I thought every aspect of this dish complimented each other, and it was a different and tasty way to eat Kang Kong (we usually see it sauteed and served hot). Linna enjoyed nibbling on the crispy greens while we enjoyed our dinner.

Crispy Kang Kong and Cuttlefish.

Linna met a boy!

Next, we had a dish that you can ONLY find at Seafood Paradise (pretty exclusive, huh?!). It's a different version of the chili crab (which is Singapore's national dish), and it's called the Signature Creamy Butter Crab Topped with Coconut Crumbs. It's basically a HUGE crab from Sri Lanka (they are known for their large crabs), cooked in an evaporated milk, white pepper, butter, sugar, curry leaves, chili and lemongrass. It kind of tastes like an upgraded version of an Alfredo sauce. The meat inside this crab was unbelievable, and the crab is much bigger than the one we had at Jumbo. I didn't think this crab dish could be beat, but boy was I wrong.

Seafood Paradise's Signature Creamy Butter Crab.

We had our first chili crab at Jumbo last week, and we were pretty pleased with that dish. Sorry Jumbo, but Seafood Paradise has you beat in the chili crab department! This was the tastiest and most flavorful chili crab AJ and I have ever eaten. We couldn't stop saying how good it was during dinner! I don't know if it was the size of the actual crab, the meat that came out of it, or the tangy/hot/savory sauce  (tomato-based, flavored with spiced, and thickened with egg) the crab was bathing in (maybe all three), but this chili crab is one you must try if you're ever in Singapore! We had a lot left over, so we took the extra sauce and meat home with us, so we could "sop" up the sauce with some fried mantou buns the next day. YUM!

Chili Crab at Seafood Paradise.

Family dinner at Seafood Paradise.

We also had the Coffee Pork Ribs, that were boneless and amazing! These ribs are actually made with coffee and you can taste a hint of it in the sauce. By the time we got to this part of the meal, I was completely satisfied with all the chili crab I had eaten, so I only had one or two small pieces. These ribs are also a must-try dish if you're ever in Singapore! I'm also going to start searching for these types of dishes in Minnesota. Anyone know of any restaurants?!

Coffee Ribs.

Fried Mantou Buns.

Before we went to the restaurant, AJ scoped out the online menu and had his heart set on the Supreme Seafood Fried Rice. This dish did not disappoint. It's filled with mouth-size pieces of shrimp and scallops, and it mixes perfectly with the chili crab sauce from the chili crab dish. I could eat this fried rice with the chili crab sauce from Seafood Paradise, every day for the rest of my life, and I'd be one happy mama!

Supreme Seafood Fried Rice.

Even though we were completely satisfied with our meal, we were told we had to try the Chilled Lemongrass Jelly in Lemonade for desert. Ok, why not?! At this point, Linna started to get a little "antsy" as we were well-passed her bedtime, so we decided to set her on my lap and let her try the desert. I think Linna would say this was the best decision her mom has made during this entire trip. She kept asking for MORE of the chilled desert via sign language (we started teaching her this at 6 months)! Between the lemon, ice, cold jelly, basil seeds, and syrup, I can see why she wanted more and more of this refreshing desert. It was phenomenal, and the perfect way to end a satisfying meal. (not heavy like most deserts). I thought all the sugar would have Linna bouncing off the walls when we got home (2 hours after her regular bedtime), but she went right to sleep!

Seafood Paradise is place you must check out when you're in Singapore, if you want the very best of some popular Singapore dishes! If we would have planned it better, we would have taken a ride on the Singapore Flyer, and then stopped at the restaurant for dinner! Oh well, there's always time for a second round when my parents are in Singapore in two weeks, right?!

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