Sunday, September 9, 2012

Learning to love hawker food.

Since moving to Singapore, we have learned to love all types of food. However, going out to eat, grocery shopping, and even cooking at home is expensive here! Recently, we found an outdoor food center near our apartment in Singapore called the Seah Im Food Centre. It has rows of Hawker food vendors from different parts of the world (Chinese, Indian, Korean, etc.). Our favorite is the Thaksin Beef Noodle booth because they have THE BEST Pad Thai! Plus, it's SO INEXPENSIVE!

Courtesy: "The Simplest Aphrodisiac" (I always forget to take a photo when I'm there)

For $3, I get the plain Pad Thai. That's right, $3! I ask for it with "no spice" (and it's still a little spicy), because the first time I got it, my mouth was on FIRE! If you've ever had Pad Thai in Minnesota where you can choose your spice level, the "no spice" Pad Thai from Thaksin Beef Noodle would be a level one or two. I'm sure the regular order from Thaksin Beef Noodle is well above a level five when it comes to spice!

My Pad Thai dish with tofu that I added myself at home.

AJ "splurges" and gets this dish with beef, which costs a whopping $4.50. Linna will eat some of my noodles, but I think the spice is a little much for her too:) So, for $7.50, I don't have to cook and my family gets a delicious, hot dinner! Sometimes I cook up a little tofu and add it to my dish, because I LOVE Tofu Pad Thai from Thai restaurants in Minnesota! A little block of tofu in Singapore costs about $1.50 at the grocery store.

I think we've hit the jackpot when it comes to hawker food!!!

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