Tuesday, August 28, 2012

3 years ago today, linna's dad proposed.

And I said YES! I remember this day like it was yesterday. My parents had Papa Saigh's parents over for dinner, as they were meeting for the first time on Papa Saigh's actual birthday (August 29th). Since I was super stressed out making sure everything went perfectly, a proposal was the furthest thing from my mind. Plus, it was Papa Saigh's birthday, and like he'd actually propose on his birthday, right?! I had a couple glasses of wine during dinner to calm my nerves, and when the wine starts flowing, our "Borat" voices come out in full force (as you'll hear in this video). Papa Saigh gave a toast during dinner, thanking me and my parents for putting the dinner together, and he gave me a little "thank you" gift. Our friend Joe (Papa Saigh's roomate at the time) was there with his girlfriend (now wife) Gabby as well, and he was secretly video taping everything. Everyone knew what was going on except me. The gift Papa Saigh gave me was a little chocolate box with an engagement ring inside! Both of our families, including my brother and sister, were there for one of the best days of my life. This is a moment I will never forget, and neither will Papa Saigh, since we now celebrate his birthday and our engagement anniversary on the same day!

The Toast...

The Proposal...

Linna, at this moment you were just a hope and a dream:)

I love you AJ Saigh. Happy birthday!!!


  1. Missi, I've seen your proposal video already and it literally just made me cry AGAIN, love it!! You're so funny..."are you so serious right now?!" Haha - Happy Anniversary to you both!!

  2. Thanks monk monk:) Miss you!!! XOXO.

  3. I can't even help it. I just bawl when I watch proposals. Totally involuntary. So cute! What a fun memory :)

  4. Jenna, I haven't watched it in a year and I just cried while watching it again:)

  5. This is perfect! P.S. We share the same birthday! :)